Blizzard to cut mount costs and lower training levels in WoW

Destructoid writes: "Veteran players can attest: it's getting easier to do things early in World of Warcraft. As the MMO ages, Blizzard continues to tweak the game softly so the newcomer can get in on higher-level action faster. The next patch -- 3.2 -- won't be an exception to the friendly trend. Changes to the mount system are coming.

Zarhym, World of Warcraft's community manager, threw down a list of mount changes coming to the MMO with the "next major content patch." From it, we see that Blizzard is lowering the training levels, increasing speed across the board, and cutting the cost of training and purchasing the little buggers. Nice."

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siliticx3356d ago

We got slapped in the face i guess.

shotgunkiwi3356d ago

Its no different to real life. Things get cheaper and easier as time goes on. I wouldn't call it a slap in the face. Your new alt characters will benefit from this change just as much as a non 'veteran' player.

gladiatory2k3356d ago

great now people will start begging for money for their mounts 20 levels earlier...oh goodie!

BTW, flight will be trainable at 60 too.