Telegraph: God Of War III Preview

Telegraph: "God Of War III, Sony's forthcoming exclusive for the PS3, is a brutal, beautiful video game that will satiate anyone's appetite for destruction: If there are any complaints, it's that God of War III feels remarkably familiar. There's plenty of variation as Kratos slices and dices his way through; from swirling mountains to dark, dank caves; from smashing the undead with the deliciously meaty Cestus gauntlets to hitching a ride on harpies, the action mixes things up fast and furiously, all without a load screen in sight. However, we've seen this from the previous entries, both straining the PlayStation 2 to its limits. While God of War III certainly asks a lot of the PS3 in visual grunt, from what we've seen, there's little to suggest the gameplay envelope is being pushed."

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