Lots of Talent and No Budget

In the latest in our exclusive editorials from UK indie developer Introversion, producer Byron Atkinson-Jones discusses how to market a game without a dedicated budget, and the struggle of convincing Microsoft that opening up the game development process is a good idea.

Byron Atkinson-Jones: "Introversion is always running out of money. This can be tough when you need to do something that requires spending some money. So the first thing you have to do is get creative and find ways of doing what you want without spending money. It's fun.

The marketing budget for Darwinia+ is a case in point. We sat down one day to brainstorm over what new approach we could take to market Darwinia+ that hadn't previously been done with Darwinia and Multiwinia when they were released on the PC. We came up with a lot of grand ideas and were finally settling on one when I made the fatal mistake of asking Mark (Morris, director) what our marketing budget was. He looked a bit puzzled for a moment as if I was asking a stupid question and then replied "nothing"."

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