PSP Go: Sony may have confused hardware for service

Sony is making waves with the PSP Go, although what many gamers are failing to realize is that the ability to buy games online and go purely digital already exists with the product they own. Everyone is talking about the hardware, when the PlayStation Network as a service is the big story... and that already works with your less expensive PSP.

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na2ru13393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

But still doesn't beat the new appeal factor that the PSP Go features - Sliding screen, smaller size and internal 16GB. Wonder how much it would have cost if it didn't have 16GB integrated?

locos853393d ago

I don't know why people are getting so upset. They will still sell the PSP 3000. SO you do have a choice, I have a 3000 with 4 gig memory stick. But the PSP go looks hot and more portable.

trancefreak3393d ago

People show know what they are buying before they buy it! I dont fork out $249.00 just do buy something new because its new.

IronChefWong3393d ago

Yea I've got a PSP-1000, bought launch day.
One reason I don't carry it around is b/c I don't need that one extra large thing in my pockets.

Making it slimmer and portable definitely makes the unit easier to carry on a normal basis. Hell...put in a another 16 GB M2 stick in there and you'll have a 32GB device, which could possibly replace my ipod as well.

callahan093393d ago

I'm really excited for the store to get updated with tons of PSP games. It's going to be awesome. Can't wait to stop using those damned UMD's. They're big and impractical for portability in my opinion, and they drain the hell out of my battery life. I just got a new 16GB memory stick for my PSP and I'm loving it. I had to get a new memory stick because I was working with the 1 GB that came with it until now, and I just bought Final Fantasy VII and it was a little over 1 GB so I needed to get a new one, and it was well worth it. Now I've got like 15 movies on there that I copied over, finally get a use out of the Digital Copy disc that came with so many of my blu-rays, and I've got all the PSone classics I downloaded from PSN, and like 10 PSP game demos that I downloaded from the store, plus a bunch of MP3's. It's totally revitalized my PSP!

Ninjamonkey3393d ago

I still have a psp 1000.

its tempting to get this new psp but Ive got a 2Gb and a 4Gb card for the psp, and I can always upgrade. And all the downloadable games will still work on it.

So if i do get this psp it'll just be tfor the looks ansd size. Which just isnt appealing enough on its own...

RiceBoy3393d ago

the new psp go is great, i dont really mind about the service. just think of the new games that's going to come out for it? if you put it this way there's no size restriction to how big the games should be compared to the UMD. 16GB is quite enough for a portable gaming unit, more memory better games and graphics =] and i've read many topics about psp go is trying to compete with the new iphone 3gs? its not even close, a phone is a phone. can't wait for the psp go to come out.

xabmol3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Arrgh, Matey! (>.0)

Plus the total abandonment of the pro duo made me angry..

Ninjamonkey3393d ago


Im sure it was to save space but considering Ive invested in 2 so far soely for the psp its really annoying...

IronChefWong3393d ago

Yea same...I was reading one of the impressions of it from a site. I was quite disappointed to know that I'd have to buy another chip, but then again the M2 chips seem cheaper than the Memory Stick Pro Duo's.

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The story is too old to be commented.