Eurogamer : Just Cause 2 preview

Ellie Gibson from Eurogamer writes:

" "Just Cause 2 is bigger and better than Just Cause 1 in pretty much every way possible," says lead designer Peter Johansson, beginning our E3 demo of the game. No offence, Peter, but they all say that. Besides, Just Cause 1 was pretty big anyway - though as Kristan pointed out in his review, it wasn't the best game it could have been.

In fact, he described it as "a poor man's Mercenaries, ludicrously padded out with hundreds of entirely worthless side missions that sprawl over uninteresting terrain". Boom. But wait: "With many truly positive elements about the game to look back on, there's every chance Avalanche will be given more time to make a classic next time around." So will they manage it?"

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KR1ST0F3R3356d ago

i loved the first game even with all of it's faults, i am so excited for this one.