Carmack 'Very Positive On iPhone,' Talks New Doom Resurrection

Noted developer id Software and partner Escalation Studios are wrapping up work on Doom Resurrection, a new iPhone game, and id's John Carmack told Gamasutra he believes Apple's mobile system is currently "the best platform for a small team."

Due in about a month, Doom Resurrection is a far cry from id's recent iPhone release of Wolfenstein 3D -- it uses assets from 2004's Doom 3, not 1993's original Doom, and it ditches Wolf's clunky on-screen joystick for a new aiming mechanic based around the iPhone's accelerometer.

Gamasutra spoke with both Carmack and Tom Mustaine, co-founder of Escalation Studios as well as Ritual Entertainment (now part of MumboJumbo).

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