Gamasutra Interview: Secret Exit Talks Zen Bound And The Rise Of iPhone

Gamasutra: Secret Exit is a Finnish indie game developer known for the iPhone game Zen Bound, which won the Best Mobile Game and Audio Achievement awards at this year's IGF Mobile Game Awards.

The company was formed out of the ashes of Fathammer games, a 3D-focused mobile game developer and engine provider, formed by Samuli Syvahuoko, who went on to co-found Remedy and subsequently Recoil Games.

Here, we spoke with Secret Exit head of studio Jani Kahrama, as well as co-founder and technical lead Jetro Lauha, both of whom worked together at Fathammer. Luaha may be familiar to some as the creator of the freeware Dismount and Truck Dismount games from the early 2000s (and in fact, the company has a working version of Dismount on the iPhone, but hasn't decided what to do with it yet).

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