DOSBox 0.73, interview with the developers

Sir Arthurs Den has posted an interview with the developers of DOSBox 0.73.

Sir Arthurs Den writes:

Q: In the interview appeared on SourceForge's "project of the month" page, you said that DOSBox intended audience is that kind of people familiar with Dos, but nowadays the emulator is used by big companies like id, Valve, Sierra and digital stores like Good Old Games, hence the audience is become broader and broader. What do you think about people that barely heard about Dos and started using DOSBox, is this an opportunity to have a wider test bed for the emulator capabilities or simply an annoyance to deal with?

A: Some of the people who got those games probably don't even know that they are actually using DOSBox. So we don't gain, nor lose from that. The amount of people coming reporting/complaining on our official forums about the matter is very small. After all the games are configured to be as less Dos like as possible for those people. In a way I feel a bit sorry for them playing it with some default configuration supplied with the games that don't have scalers enabled since they can really make some old adventures look nicer.

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