Xbox Japan "Accidentally" Uploaded Final Fantasy XIII Page

In the West, Final Fantasy XIII is a multi-platform titles, announced for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. In Japan, it is not. Something that makes this Xbox Japan website image perplexing.


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Omega43393d ago

If this was the western page they also must of "accidently" translated the entire page into Japanese as well. Sure seems like a lot of work to do accidently.

Pennywise3392d ago

/grabs tin foil hat and runs for the closet.

skip2mylou3392d ago

hmm not surprised by Omega4 being the first one here to post. well anyway it might have been an "accident" to get people to notice it a lot more

lloyd_wonder3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Same exact page. Nothing of any relevance was translated. Just the overlapping template was translated because it's a Japanese page...

Look at the top under Final Fantasy XIII in green letters. There is no developer or publisher info, just the pictures from the western web page. Fake.

lordgodalming3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Anyone with a lick of common sense has known this would happen. Only releasing on PS3 in Japan makes about as much sense as only releasing on the 360 in the west. Once the game is finished, they might as well release it, right? It's not a true exclusive, so who cares if any single region is exclusive?

Just finish the game, for the love of God.

Edit: Is it just me, or have the disagrees become even more abundant and pointless since E3?

kesvalk3392d ago

dear God! who cares about this in the state the game already is?
as lord said, just finish the game, no one cares were it gonna launch, just launch godanmit!

PS: yea, the PDs (phanton Diagrees) are more abundant than ever...

IdleLeeSiuLung3392d ago

if you look closely, that looks like a template page with no additional information. MS probably uses some kind of CMS system to manage their stuff.

Mistake, likely since they removed it so quickly otherwise why not leave it up for another half a day!

eagle213392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

This game will boost PS3 to epic levels and MS would do this by accident? Mm kay. :p

MS is so obsessed with Sony. I bet they will accidentally put PS3 in a 360

lordgodalming3392d ago

I'm also starting to notice that any comment even acknowledging the 360 as an existing piece of hardware gets thumbed down hard. Listen, I bought a PS3 to play FFXIII, and until then I will continue to enjoy the many rocking games available on it. I don't own a 360, but that doesn't mean no one owns a 360. Square is chasing the market the way they want to, and even if it seems strange to many of us, they're a multi-billion dollar company and most of us on here (I'm guessing) aren't.

gamesR4fun3392d ago

maybe timed...
tho i cant see ms letting it slip if they can get it on their console in Japan.

vhero3392d ago

Obviously a publicity stunt to make fans think it may come to 360 to hold off buying ps3's its a shame really as MS really does have to resort to these tactics to keep up with Sony.

tehk1w13392d ago

If a single mistakenly uploaded website is enough to deter potential PS3 customers...

....well that doesn't say a whole lot about the system now does it?

Hey, his words. Not mine.

solidt123392d ago

Reminds me of when Game Informer accidently labeled Killzone 2 as a Xbox 360 & PS3 game in there Magazine.

thesummerofgeorge3392d ago

Yeah buddy, disagrees are "pointless" because why? Cause no one could possibly actually disagree with you. I don't think keeping it exclusive in Japan is senseless as you say, it gives Sony leverage over 360 in Japan (as if it needs any more than it already has over there), seeing as it's the biggest game of all over there, it makes perfect sense.

But anyway, it makes no difference to me. I don't think it'd do much for the 360 at this point anyway. I think most will get it for PS3 in Japan, and if they were gonna have a chance of swaying any gamers to buy it on the 360, they would need to have announced it much earlier in the game, cause if it was a timed exclusive, there would be so few Japanese that would hold off buying it for their PS3 until the 360 version came out, that it would be more or less pointless.

TapiocaMilkTea3392d ago

They don't need to translate anything, it may very well be the same Japanese contents made for the PS3 version. They just put the contents in the wrong site/template.

really duh3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Final Fantasy Versus at Microsoft's 2010 E3 conference or 2009 TGS.

lordgodalming3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

First of all, bubbles for your username. :)

Now, to me the disagrees are pointless not because my opinion is so great, but because the disagreers rarely seem to contribute to the conversation. Disagree? Great! But have the sack to discuss it. (I also should have realized that mentioning disagrees would only encourage more of them. Been here long enough to know better.)

For the record, I agree with you that FFXIII in Japan won't sell a tenth of the copies on 360 that it does on PS3. However, if the game is finished, why on earth would Square just let it collect dust in their basement? Publish the thing and get whatever sales you can out of it. That is, as long as Microsoft doesn't charge them an arm and a leg for a multi-disc game.

thesummerofgeorge3392d ago

lol thanks, George likes his chicken spicy.

Anyway, I can't deny the disagree button does get raped, and I'll agree that if you disagree you should give a reason rather than just go trigger happy on it.

You have a point there, that if they've taken the time to develope a 360 version, why not try to squeeze every penny they can out of it, which makes sense. My only argument would be that the marketing and production costs might not be worth it in Japan considering the vast majority will have already gotten it for the PS3. But then again what do I know about production costs and what-not.

George Costanza3392d ago

^^^^ It was supposed to be THE SUMMER OF GEORGE!!!!

thesummerofgeorge3392d ago

A George divided against itself cannot stand! Worlds are colliding!

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StanLee3392d ago

I know right. A western page "accidentally" uploaded in Japanese. Very subtle Microsoft. Very subtle.

SpoonyRedMage3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

It'd be pointless if it was that because it just won't sell when there's a PS3 version available. In the west it makes a bit more sense.

@V: Could be, but that's still very rare. Ghostbusters is the only example I can think of right now.

All-33392d ago

It could indicate that the 360 version will be region free...

mpmaley3392d ago

Well if it's a timed exclusive it won't matter because they won't wait for the 360 version when all their friends are playing it now on the PS3.

Godmars2903392d ago

Especially when the 360 version only has enough room for one voice track.

Still, wouldn't put it past MS making this "accident" just for spite. See if some popular groundswell there. That or some webmaster did it for the heck of it.

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All-33392d ago

To possibly make FF XIII region free so Japanese Xbox 360 owners can import the release and enjoy the game too... no class?

UltimateIdiot9113392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

There was an interesting conspiracy theory on one of the comment on Kotaku.

The user hypothesis that Microsoft simply upload a FFXIII Japan page which will stir some rumor. That way it will slow down PS3 sales a bit where 360 gamers would in hope that the rumor would be true.

Like how some people held back on ToV for the PS3 version.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. If it's time exclusive, most of Japan will gobble it up on day one. Those who will wait which is probably <1 million gamers, will have to avoid FF conversation like the plague. Kind of hard in Japan, if you ask me.

Dread3392d ago

No class


yeah right only Sony has class.

and besides are u goint to buy the japanese version of the game. Do oyu live in japan. If you dont why do you care if final fantasy is released in Japan for the 360.

BLuKhaos3392d ago

Yes the Japanese are going to import the 360 version because they can all speak and read English perfectly/sarcasm.
Just because it's region free doesn't it will have all languages.

Information Minister3392d ago

Actually, nowadays more and more Japanese folks are able to speak the English language fluently. The ones who don't can always resort to this guy:

All-33392d ago

Not only can a whole lot of Japanese understand English, but... there are non-Japanese people living in Japan as well, that speak and understand English.

Japan doesn't consist solely of native Japanese people you know.

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