HCW is Comparing Specs: iPhone 3GS vs PSP vs DS

While not a full evaluation, this is a quick overview comparing the 3D graphics power of all three of today's mobile gaming platforms.

While the iPhone 3GS is significantly faster than its predecessor, it definitely has a long way to go before it can catch the PSP. However as the DS (and Nintendo in general) has shown, you don't necessarily need the best graphics to have the best games.

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Foxgod3355d ago

also compare it to the Pandora :)

ChickeyCantor3355d ago


T_T...i want one so bad =(.

specialguest3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Because I'm pretty dumb, what is the Pandora? I did a google search and only the thing I got that might be related to phones were Pandora radio and software.

The Great Melon3354d ago

First result in google after searching pandora console

specialguest3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

Looks like it'll be the ultimate emulator/homebrew handheld computuer/console. The specs on that thing is crazy. I might get one if the price is right.

lowlight3354d ago

But clocked at 110 MHz instead of 200.

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Mindboggle3355d ago

So the psp is the king of graphics in handheld consoles for now..

raztad3355d ago

Not hard to tell. Has you watched GT PSP and Soul Calibur psp? those games look incredible for a portatil.

MissyRouge3355d ago

i think ill stay with my iphone 3g and psp thank you very much... although the new go looks interesting ;)

DJ3354d ago

iPhone wins by far. =]

Cacolaco3354d ago

The person who wrote the article guesses that the GPU for the iPhone 3GS runs at 200 mHz, while the Anandtech article that he quotes estimates that it runs at 60 mHz, as it is an MBX-lite- meaning that it is running at a slower clock speed to conserve energy (battery life)

If that is the case, then his graphics power comparison is off by just a tad.

lowlight3354d ago

The original iPhone used the MBX Lite running at 60 MHz. The 3GS uses an SGX 520, clocked at up to 200 MHz. That's the whole point of the iPhone 3GS.

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