Crispy Gamers: Eight Videogame Places You're Not Supposed to Go

Cripsy Gamers writes:

North Korea. K2. The Mariana Trench. The globe is dotted with remote regions that are nearly impossible for most of us to visit. That doesn't stop people from trying -- the difficulty of getting there only stokes our desire. Game worlds have their own forbidden locales, and just like on Earth, there are dogged adventurers who insist on seeing them firsthand.

The eight far-off realms in this article exist for different reasons. They could be developer test areas, or forgotten pieces of landscape that somehow made their way into the final code. Whatever their reason for being, they all have one thing in common: They weren't meant to be explored by the likes of you and me. But through persistence, hacks or some combination of the two, you can take in these rare delights for yourself. Pack your bags.

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