Overlord 2 PC System Specs Revealed

Game Debate are displaying the recommended system requirements for Overlord 2. You can also find a direct link to the new demo.

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WhittO3351d ago

i played the demo on ps3 and didnt like it at all.

Thought the graphics looked like a ps2 game too lol

Troll-Killer3351d ago

Good grief...the first Overlord was also on the Wii. I'd say a 6 y.o. PC could run the game with NO PROBLEMS. o_0

Felix Nova3351d ago

The specs displayed are recommended specs, but I agree they seem pretty high

TheIneffableBob3351d ago

They're kind of low, actually. The 7900 GTX was released in 2006.

Felix Nova3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Oh, thats what I meant. A little embarrassing ...scratch my last comment :D