Threevue Review: Tales of Vesperia

Threevue writes: "Tales of Vesperia takes place on a planet that is plagued by monsters. In order to keep their cities safe from attack, they use an ancient technology from crystals called blastia that protects the city gates like a shield. Your quest centers around these crystals and what makes them work. One of my favorite elements of this game is that the story itself starts with a very narrow scope, and doesn't widen until you're well into your journey. Too many RPGs start out too heavy too fast. The gameplay is nearly identical to Tales of Symphonia, and no complaints here – it feels like a mixture of the beloved PSOne Final Fantasy games and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (but without all the sailing). It follows a traditional save-the-world storyline with the same local/world maps we're used to, but the battles are done in real-time, which is my favorite thing about this series."

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