LittleBigPlanet To Get Online Create Mode

MediaMolecule posted on their website about the upcoming Beta for the
Online Create mode that is soon to arrive after the Beta testing. Sounds exciting as this feature will surly make the Create Mode so much more fun!

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Cajun Chicken3175d ago

Nice. I can see lots of chaos coming out of this.

LiquifiedArt3175d ago

This was somethign that was sadly missed. Might get me to play it again!

Shadow Flare3175d ago

Agreed. They also really, really need to make searching for the best levels easier. Some of the best levels out there have very few plays but trophy levels and levels that give away free prizes usually have 5 stars and half a million plays. Its messed up. If this would be fixed i'd be more inclined to create levels again

dalibor3175d ago

Sometimes I like it when theres a DLC that does not come out right away. It gets you to play old games again, like in COD4, now there are more diff. matches like hardcore TD. It got me to play COD4 again. Another example is Warhawk, been playing that game for two years now lol.

Shadow Flare3175d ago

Warhawk is honestly the best online game i have ever played, it's wicked. I've recently gotten back into it and its awesome. Although i thought the update packages ruined the balance of the game a bit. Except for the wrenches and bio mines which were a great addition. 475 hours, 1000+ flags captured, 350+ warhawk wing ribbons, heck yes

Ninjamonkey3175d ago

Have to agree about warhawk.

The updates were nice but the APC changes things a lot. And Tbh the flying thing never works because th driver usually doesnt use it effectively...

Still Ive been playing the game tons since release, I love playing just without the updates its still amazing.

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ARog343175d ago

...this is awesome news!

LBP has been my most played game of late, all that DLC and new features have made it a joy to come back to...

But I would really like a another 'Level Pack' based on some other franchise...

Also, it'd be great to have the levels not only be sidescrolling... not sure if MM could do this, but a new type of 'camera' on sackboy to make him start the level say like in Crash Bandicoot... where you could have a 3rd person camera angle at the back of sackboy... idk, just something off the top of my head!

But online create will rock!

Mindboggle3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Im hoping they milk LBP, by bringing out new games maybe 2 per year, with new levels and trophies etc. I will never get bored of new lbp levels.

By this I mean do a smiliar thing to what guitar hero has done. Bring out new titles like LBP Jungle or LBP Atlantis or Sackboy goes to holiday.

It may sound cheesy but I would buy and so would kids..

MissyRouge3175d ago

yay can't wait for this!

doshey3175d ago

well i coming back to lbp

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