Downloads will control half the game market in 10 years, says Pachter

The money the games industry makes from digital downloads is set to boom, according to Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter.

Pachter, who's no stranger to making bold statements about the games industry, says that today digital downloads account for 2 per cent (around $400 million) of total industry sales.

Looking at the general trends, however, leads Pachter to believe that the revenue from downloads will increase exponentially over the next decade. He projects that the money generated from digital downloads will double to $800 million in 2010, and redouble to $1.6 billion by 2011.

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GayASSAdmins3325d ago

I dont really think so. The console that'll be out in 10years better have enough space for us to Download Demos , Full Games , Xbox live games,full Psn titles plus space for music , videos etc etc.

I doubt downloads will be half of the market. Plus Hardbox cover is always better.

Xman12313324d ago

i second on that i also prefer the hard cover but if it's a hard to find game i will download it like panzer dragoon:Orta for the xbox lol