Rock Band Round-Up: Beatles/Unplugged

IncGamers' Tim McDonald reports his E3 impressions of The Beatles: Rock Band and Rock Band Unplugged.

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Maticus3268d ago

It's got to be good really hasn't it.

thetamer3268d ago

SELL OUTS!!! I can't believe that the BEATLES have done this! Grrr. I wouldn't mind so much, but the pricing of the stuff is STUPID

Montrealien3268d ago

wow, someone does not know the Beatles very well.

Dorjan3268d ago

awesome! Although the beatles is something to be enjoyed on a real guitar!

Leord3268d ago

Haha, now I can make my mom play video games, wo-ho!

AndyA3268d ago

See, I like the look of this. The vocal harmony system looks great.