Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island DLC Out Now

Get ready for new crazy jumps, races, things to smash, and cars, because the Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island DLC is here and ready for download! Big Surf Island costs 1000 MS Points on XBL, or $12.99 on PSN.

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RonyDean3242d ago

Only wish I had the MS points right now. I would love to pick it up!

Uncle Rico3242d ago

I cant believe I wasted my money on the individual car patches when I could have just gotten this

RonyDean3241d ago

Yeah the car DLC wasn't the best, but this DLC is just awesome! Can not wait to explore a whole new place!!!

Uncle Rico3241d ago

So Big Surf island is the final bit of DLC for Burnout right? or is there anymore

RonyDean3241d ago

I think they were working on planes at one point, but I haven't heard anymore about it... But, another island after this one would be cool!