What Infrared Expert Says On Project Natal

Speaking to IncGamers, Professor Harvey Rutt from the University of Southampton and expert in lasers, has suggested there shouldn't be a problem with the lasers used in Project Natal, however software might be.

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Leord3352d ago

Good to see they bring in the experts for second opinions.

FamilyGuy3352d ago

NOW they're against darker skinned people who like to game nude.

We'll find out when it comes out... in almost two years (1.5?)

Downtown boogey3352d ago

impede the use of Natal? What about dark clothing or SUNGLASSES like Kudo's been wearing all along??? I see that that tracking and detecting different bodyparst is the key feature here. I.E. it has to calculate each hands' postition, velocity, distance from eachother and maybe even angle. Also voice recognition could be hard to utilize effectively.

SuperM3352d ago

Well Natal obviously had problems tracking kudo when he was showing the Avatar movements. Also i find it interesting that the cheaper solution they go for the higher risk there is for issues with tracking of dark colors. So basically while Microsoft will want to make the device as cheap as possible they will risk issues with the tracking. Lets hope they dont go the same route as they did with the 360, making it as cheap as possible and then get the RROD problem.

Maticus3352d ago

He's biased though! :P

Dorjan3352d ago

I'm glad, that would've been one hell of an oversight!

Fyzzu3352d ago

I find it hard to believe Microsoft wouldn't have looked into this when they were prototyping it. Storm in a teacup, I reckon.

thetamer3352d ago

You never know what people might have missed, especially if it wasn't even a consideratino.

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The story is too old to be commented.