LotRO Book 8 Screens

Turbine has released six new screens from Lord of the Rings Online's next content expansion, the Scourge of Khazad-Dum.

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thetamer3392d ago

This game is probably one of the best looking MMOs

Leord3392d ago

Yeah, well, that's only gonna last to next generation of MMOs. AoC is pretty nice looking as well!

Fyzzu3392d ago

It tends to vary from area to area in the game. Some are gorgeous, others are horrendous - and it's not the art style. It's odd.

These screenshots look good, though.

Maticus3392d ago

Good to see they're still pumping out content for this game.

Leord3392d ago

It really is nice looking. Why was this game so small compared to WoW again?