Sucker Punch next game: Pinball..?

GRTV had an interview with Sucker Punch Co founder Bruce Oberg.

When asked what Sucker Punch Studio CEO, Bruce Oberg wanted to do in the free-realm of imaginary dream-projects, his response was rather peculiar. Maybe we're finally getting a proper hint on what's after inFAMOUS.

watch the interview for more details.

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heyheyhey3354d ago

pleeease.. Sly Cooper 4 for god's sake!!

Kain813354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

you teased us with InFamous now bring it on

LarVanian3354d ago

Don't worry they are definitely working on Sly 4. The fact the name "Sly Cooper 4" appeared in inFamous is proof they are working on it.

Cajun Chicken3354d ago

A precursor orb was a treasure in Uncharted which I base as evidence for the intentions that ND will revisit Jak and Daxter, but as seen on one of my old user blogs I kept on being told that I was wrong in thinking that.

Sevir043353d ago

the network affords the room to do that in between big projects, hopefully sucker punch's next game wont take as long to release. No wthat there engine is up and and complete they can certainly refine and start a new game, Sly Cooper would be awesome.

Beast_Master3353d ago

Sorry guys they are going all Naughty on us! as in Naughty Dog. They are going to do a sequel to Infamous first. They loved the title and it will be the first successful title they have ever developed. Sly Cooper just doesn't sell well enough. the next Sly Cooper will be a PSP title or hopefully a PSN title. If you want a PS3 Sly then I suggest you buy the crap out of the PSP or PSN title!

Baka-akaB3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

WTF are you babbling about ...
i'm not saying they wont indeed just do a infamous sequel first , but Sly Cooper sold more than well enough ..
At least one sold more than a million units .

There is no way slay Cooper would be "downgraded" to a psn title , if that was ever a step back anyway

Dir_en_grey3353d ago

I had no interest in Pinball until I tried the demo, loved it and bought it right away. Zen Pinball would be hard to beat, so many fun gimics and beautiful graphics on each table. I really recommend it.
Zen Pinball would be hard to beat if Sucker Punch were to do one... dunno if i would buy another Pinball game giving that Zen Pinball will ahve DLC tables...

Freak of Nature3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

I see your point,but................. JAK has been downgraded....One of my most wanted games on the PS3,has been "cash-cowed" sent down the river to another Dev house,I hope SLY gets better treatment......Sly Cooper would be another most wanted for the PS3.The ceiling is soooo much higher on the PS3,they could actually have more of their vision and scope,style come through with more power behind their creations...

SLY needs to come to the PS3.The gameplay can go to a much higher level then what was possible on the PS2.And it goes without saying that the eye candy would be leaps above,The Sly games bleed style and creativity,I sure would want it on the PS3.

Infamous is doing real well,and you cannot argue against it,you can probably bet they will be going for a sequel,but their are very few "original" games like SLY,with platforming and that good old quirky style.

I still hope they get back to SLY,or perhaps having done well enough with Infamous that they do an Insomniac impression and create Sly along side the next Infamous?

MY vote will always be for SLY! Nothing against Infamous,but SLY would be my first choice....

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cmrbe3353d ago

is a sure thing with how it ended.

Venomish3353d ago

i really want infamous 2 asap
i got the platinum trophy for infamous in a very short period :(

Marty83703353d ago

Pinball, it will have to be bloody good too take crown from 'Zen Pinball'.

-MD-3353d ago

AAA pinball exclusive!!!!!

ps921173353d ago

It could never be as good 360 exclusive space invaders!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-MD-3353d ago


I'm actually in the mood for some space invaders brb.

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