Nintendo: Metroid Other M needs to break 1.5-2 million copies sold

Metroid Other M to sell atleast 1.5 - 2 million units? That's exactly what Nintendo wants from the title as stated by Reggie Fils Aime.

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Product3088d ago

That actually seems likely, although does Reggie not know the Prime series did well for itself?

qface643088d ago

this game is gonna sell well past the 1.5 million mark no doubt about that
prime 3 did great and this one in my opinion looks better that prime

actually 1.5 million is a small number for an established nintendo game

xino3088d ago

Prime did well, but not for Prime 2 nor 3:/

Syronicus3088d ago

I can see it hitting at least 2.5 int he first year. I know I will be one of those buying it.

All-33088d ago

In a recent video interview with Gamespot, president of NOA (Nintendo North America), Reggie Fils-Aime states that “Metroid is a key franchise, and in our view really since the Snes Metroid, we havent broken through in terms of 1.5 - 2 millions units. Thats our bar. Thats the scale that we look at to say on a global basis this is effective.”

Does effective = profitable?

I wonder how 'effective' AAA titles have to be on the 360 and/or PS3?

Seferoth753087d ago

Just wanted to correct one thing . NOA Nintendo of America. Not Nintendo North America.

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GayASSAdmins3088d ago

I like Reggie Fils-aimé. He's from Haitian decent like me.
No needs to worry Reggie I'll be buying the game and I know multiple others will also. this is Metroid we're talking about!

ps: marius its me.

3088d ago
ssipmraw3087d ago

im sure this game can do those numbers, since its by team ninja its sure to be a good game :)

G4drake3087d ago

it will sell well, i think it WILL sell more than 2.5 million copies

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The story is too old to be commented.