Diehard GameFAN: Capcom's Seth Killian Interview

At Capcom, competitive digital pugilist Seth Killian sits as the senior manager of community for the company. Killian is responsible for much of what gamers see on the Capcom Unity community site, but that doesn't keep him from getting his hands dirty with a little bit of game development for select titles. When it comes down to it, though, he also isn't afraid to step down from his office chair and lay beat downs on Street Fighter players. An accomplished competitive Street Fighter player and long-time EVO supporter, Killian is just as crazy about the series and fighting games as any other fan of the genre.

Seth Killian was kind enough to accept an interview, so please read on as Diehard GameFAN reaches into the deepest annals of the fighting game community and Killian details what got him into fighting games, the competitive fighting game scene, some of Capcom's more obscure fighters and having the final boss of Street Fighter IV named after him.

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