iPhone OS 3.0 Now Available in Torrent

You can get it now. Just fire up your favorite Torrent client and look for iPhone OS 3.0 7a341. Everyone can install this, not just developers. Here's how it works:

Note: The image is called iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw. It should be 230.1MB

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Qwagy UK3390d ago

Mms working, have sent and received. Landscape keyboard in mail/messages. Slightly quicker? New voicenotes app. Cut/copy/paste. Spotlight search. Pretty good.

3390d ago
VMAN_013390d ago

This work with iPod touch or only iPhone.

Smellslikepie3390d ago

This particular file is for iPhone 3G only. If you look around you'll probably be able to find an iPhone 2G and iPod Touch version. However, if you try installing this on an iPhone 2G or iPod Touch it won't work.

TheMART3390d ago

Officially it'll be out in only a few days. Why take the risk of a facked up OS?

Fishy Fingers3390d ago

I dont see why not. They're not providing you with the file in question.

Still on the fence, do I update or wait on a jail broken 3.0? I do want MMS again though.

Smellslikepie3390d ago

Kain 81: Strictly speaking, this isn't an advertisement. As a news article, this is entirely legal.

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The story is too old to be commented.