Fat Princess Set to Release on June 19th

The Fat Princess page of the official PlayStation website for Hong Kong has just been updated, with the release date set as 2009-06-19

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Baba19063329d ago

yay great birthday present =D

slave2Dcontroller3329d ago

Cake + Fat Princess> Punch + Pie. I cant wait for this one.

[email protected]3328d ago

NO WAY! It also my birthday too XD

Great way to celebrate getting my princess fat and making the battlefield full of blood... NICE. Thanks God, I would getting my copy at soon i arrive from my friends home late at night.

Lifendz3328d ago

Who says the summer has no games? Fat Princess should be very fun.

Jinxstar3328d ago

This will be epic. Glad to hear it because after ghostbusters my summer was looking dry until batman and darksiders. This should keep me busy.

eagle213328d ago

this game should be fun. :p

ThanatosDMC3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

My pants just exploded! I've been waiting for that fat... umm... princess for a long long time!

Side note: Buy Demon's Souls... best game import i've ever spent $74 each copy (i bought two).

whoelse3328d ago

Since when have games released on the PSN on a Friday. We will either get it on the day before or have to wait for the week after.

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ReaperXL73329d ago

Awesome, cannot wait!

This and pixel junk shooter are actually two games that I would put in my most wanted list for this year, they just look like alot of fun.

Marty83703329d ago

Can't wait, game looks awesome.

Montreafart3328d ago

Another Triple A game on the PS3 while the bots are green with envy wishing their console have new games to play.

Gotta wait till the end of the year, bots, to play some multi platform games lol.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3329d ago

will it be the same date for the north america?

arsenal553329d ago

thats the release of the e3 video for asia.. ugh

go to the game and it doesnt show a release

Mucudadada3328d ago

Yup, that's the first thing I checked.

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The story is too old to be commented.