New TMNT Game Is 360 Timed Exclusive

Kotaku: Yay! More timed exclusives! Thanks, Microsoft. The latest title to piss off half the gaming world with a staggered release is one of the new Ninja Turtles games. Well, it'll be out on Xbox Live Arcade on July 22. As for the PlayStation Network, all Ubisoft will say is that it'll be out "later this year".

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qface643352d ago

every time i see the word timed i seriously think so?
timed exclusives are dumb if you ask me

also is this game the original remade or something?
or is it NEW NEW

MattyF3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

It's identical to the arcade and SNES version. Small changes have been made. Rocksteady is gone and replaced with the wolf and turtle from the Secret of the Ooze movie.

It's just TMNT: Turtles in Time remake.

GayASSAdmins3352d ago

Its a TMNT in time remake.

qface643352d ago

aww that game was a blast playing it with friends
but looking at that screen i don't like the way it looks
i kinda liked the old look better

SaberEdge3352d ago

Sounds like it's Ubisoft's doing, not Microsoft's. So why are they blaming Microsoft?

phosphor1123352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Why not do a remake of the Arcade version? That one was awesome.

EDIT: Maybe I'm being too harsh on Turtles in Time. It wasn't THAT bad..but I just didn't like it. I just honestly didn't like the settings they had. Prehistoric time, the "battle star" or w/e...meh Idk, might be a good remake.

RememberThe3573352d ago

Was it the Genesis? Wow, I loved this game when I was a kid.

lol I remember a game like this, but you could brake bottles on guys and use pipes and things like that. Can someone with a better memory remember what game that was?

@phosphor112: This one sucked? Am I thinking of the right game?

AKNAA3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

oh yeah, that makes perfect sense... Develop the game as a multiplat and instead of giving it a simultaneous release, which of course would be the smarter route, they decide to piss the ps3 owners off (causing them potential profit loss), by releasing the ps3 version afterwards...
Your right! ms definitely has nothing to do with this.****Rolls eyes*** duh...

HDgamer3352d ago

thats like saying Sony has nothing to do with EU's ghostbuster time exclusivity.

Rainstorm813352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Im looking forward to getting this, I loved turtles in time on SNES. I normally dont care to buy games older than ps1 but with Konami remaking it. I cant wait.

Looks like ill be waiting a little longer......Thanks MS

@ rememberthe357

Either Final Fight or Streets of Rage is what you're thinking of.

Syronicus3352d ago

I can't believe that somebody would post this. Must not read what they post 'cause I have never heard of a company willing to create two versions of the game then release one as a timed exclusive without any kind of compensation.

I have to say, this game will be fun but with all the great new games coming out for all three systems, I find it hard to believe I will have time enough to play this one at all.

callahan093352d ago

Until just now I was under the impression that this was a full-on exclusive for XBLA. So as I see it, this is the first confirmation that it's even coming to PSN. If I'm incorrect, can somebody provide a link confirming a PSN version prior to today?

Gothdom3352d ago

it's a stupid decision to make it timed exclusive, but I got stuff to play in the meantime. I think it's the first time that the PSN version is actually confirmed though, I'm not sure.

This will be a day one buy on my PS3 though.

JokesOnYou3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

OK, micro "paid" Ubisoft for a remake "timed exclusive" of a TMNT game on XBLA, yeah riiight.

We've seen this countless times they just chose to do one before the other and XBLA seems to be the more attractive platform for some devs to get specific games on first, then the ps3 later, lmfao but of course micro always had to have something to do with a dev choosing 360 over ps3. lol


locos853352d ago

I was going to get this on my 360 but I won't have to anymore. The only game i'm looking forward to on 360 is Mass Effect 2.

Marceles3352d ago

"Too bad TMNT In Time was the worst one ever"

Seriously...epic fail on that comment.

menoyou3352d ago

thank heavens, i want this game!

KKanjiAnkh3352d ago

It was Streets of Rage

I personally always wanted to see Battletoads N Ninja Turtles the game.

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DNAgent3352d ago

And the xbots thought it was exclusive forever. It doesn't matter though cause I won't buy this garbage (especially since the impressions for it have been horrible so far with it being easy plus it's the arcade version). It doesn't have the Technodrome level and it doesn't have the Rat King plus instead of arcade music they use the SNES music. It's going to flop and you're better off just playing the original (preferably SNES as it has more features and even though the music on SNES isn't as good as the arcade, the SNES is still the better version).

Mr Face Creamer3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Can you please point me to any mention of this game? This is the first time I have heard of this game in my life.

It's a ****cking remake of a sh1t game $ony slave... Get over yourself. Nobody thought this was a timed exclusive because NOBODY EVEN KNOWS THIS EXISTS!

If this was exclusive to the PS3 you would have also posted a lame anti-360 comment to defend they your trashstation 3.

Stubacca3352d ago

The Xbots have a timed exclusive. Good for you. Now go and ask your mum for pocket money so you can go get it.

WildArmed3352d ago

lol yeah! I'd totally go buy a 360 for TMNT.
/end sarcasm

belal3352d ago

il just wait untill it comes to my ps3, simple as that:)

3352d ago
Rockstar3352d ago

To the phantom disagreer:

I don't even own an xbox and I don't even know what the hell MAME is?


Gonna go fire up my modded toaster with custom flame decals on it and save myself time and money?

3352d ago
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