Newsarama-Best Press Conference of E3 2009

Newsarama: Best Press Conference: Microsoft
They had the first presentation of the show, and set the bar high. Apparently, it was so high that it wouldn't be reached again all week. They started with an incredible line-up of multi-platform games getting the spotlight with guest stars like Tony Hawk, Sir Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr. They moved into exclusives with new Halo: ODST footage and Halo: Reach finally officially announced. Then there was Project Natal, the ambitious camera/microphone that promises to allow control of menus, games, and even interaction with hyper-advanced AI in the near future. New upgrades and features added to the NXE interface, and Metal Gear finally coming to Xbox 360 capped off the best, most well-rounded Press Conference of the show. Nintendo and Sony definitely had some nice surprises, but they didn't quite reach Microsoft's lofty level.

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Star power and multiplats FTW!!