10° | Battlefield 1943 Impressions (E3 2009)

Battlefield 1942 delivered an unquestionable impact on the shooter genre. Although some games may have embraced the capture-and-defend gameplay style long before it, it was really Battlefield 1942 that brought that type of gaming to the masses and into the public consciousness. Countless players duked it out in the battle between Axis and Allied forces, and to this day, many gamers still carry fond memories of the epic wars that were waged on the title's many maps.

So it wasn't much of a surprise when the line for Battlefield 1943 - the Xbox Live Arcade title set to release this summer - extended from one hall to the next at E3. A steady stream of gamers waited in queue for their turn to hop on the numerous terminals that had been set up on the side of the West Hall, and nobody seemed to be walking away disappointed.

After spending some time hands on with the title, it's easy to see why.

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