Kudo Tsunado Demos Project Natal

Microsoft's Kudo Tsunado gives Jimmy a demonstration of the new body-controlled video game system, Project Natal, on the glorious Sharp 108. John Krasinski and Stephen Moyer join in the fun.

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KionicWarlord2223394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

They switched places pretty quick. Super responsive.


Even Detect his hips. Its all in the hips! Its all in the hips!

Marceles3394d ago

I thought the Burnout part was pretty cool. The Ricochet part always just looked like a simple demo that has been seen before, but it was nice to finally show how it's used on a retail game like Burnout to the public instead of keeping it under closed doors. I give them props for bringing out Burnout, because I thought it was just gonna be the same demo from E3.

It was cool when Jimmy Fallon finally tried Burnout...watching someone that already knows what they're doing is boring (Kudo), but watching Jimmy finally getting it to work was pretty awesome.

aceitman3394d ago

it looks like someone was steering and putting on the gas look very close and u see what im talking about when jimmy trys it look at his foot and his stering

Syronicus3394d ago

I look forward to how they present this tech and how much it will cost. I am not one to play motion games much and have few that require me to get out of my chair on the Wii but my kids would love this.

ngg123453394d ago

The sun glasses in door. It is like his little quirk. Wa-bam.

KionicWarlord2223394d ago

Yeah but it was a good demonstration.

socomnick3394d ago

Kudo has a retina problem so he keeps the glasses on at all times.

Elven63393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Yea the Giant Bomb guys on their latest podcast said Kudo had eye problems and was super sensitive to light, that's why he wears sunglasses all the time.

I was kinda dissing on the guy for that before but after I found out it was for health reasons I felt really bad. :(

Edit: Yep, proof,

Kudo Tsunoda: Alright.
Cliff Your Hands Say Yeah: Kudo, it is very disrespectful to wear sunglasses while I am demonstrating this game.
Kudo I can see fine; like Bono of U2, I have a medical predisposition to light.

GayASSAdmins3394d ago

Everybody seemed to Enjoy what they were seeing.This shows that Natal does actually work with other games. The test-drive on Burnout was good. You guys saw how they could claxon? that was nice.

KionicWarlord2223394d ago

I like how they switched places and it knew who it was already. It looks like it works very well.

SCThor3393d ago

The Ricochet demo was good but the unresponsiveness of Burnout demo show how Natal won't work with those kind of games.

Take notice too that in the Ricochet demo there is not a 1:1 response, that's why in my opinion, Natal won't be the first choice in fast paced games like FPS or racing games.

Christopher3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Switching places was improved by the red suits. In the actual release you'll have to get 'scanned in' and then you can jump in and out and it will recognize you. Of course, I wonder what would happen if identical twins were sharing the game?

Edit: To those who disagree, this was mentioned by the press as what happens when you initialize your character in Natal. Nothing I said above is a slight against Natal, only the facts of how it will recognize one person from another.

phosphor1123394d ago

You can see the motion lag, but still impressive. Though I highly doubt anything like this will get accepted by "core" gamers. Think about drifting around a corner in that game, not to mention the short play times due to standing the whole time.

Would like to see more though.

Troll-Killer3394d ago can play sitting down; the camera works the same either way. You have to think, they aren't going to bring a couch with them everywhere they do a demo.

phosphor1123394d ago

After all, I heard those foldable chairs come pretty light.

If it really did work with them sitting down, why won't they use it? No one actually drives cars standing. They know their tech is still buggy, they want to show it off, and they want to keep mess ups at a minimum. You can even see when 1 of the guys was up there, they did one of those "Bam there it is" kind of bugs.

I'm not doubting Natal's market succecss. Their marketing may very well work, but in a "core" gamers perspective..aka anyone on N4G, they won't make use of this. Simply will not be able to.

Well, yeah, they say you can use a controller with it as well, but isn't that defeating the purpose of the "no controller" phrase they are throwing around? Not to mention, if you did have a controller, all you can do is lean your head or move your legs. With the Wiimote/ PS3 wand, each device has buttons, and is able to be used 1 handed, allowing movement of both arms while having tactile input available (buttons),

KionicWarlord2223394d ago

Why would they sit down in front of the audience to play the game ? it defeats the purpose of showing how its fun.

GayASSAdmins3394d ago

Phosphor You need to give up your attempt at bashing this Microsoft device
tell me
How in the world are you gonna demonstrate how to play a Ball kicking game sitting on a couch?

even sony were doing their demo up and not on a freakin couch.

just give up already fanboy.

phosphor1123394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

I'm saying it won't work. Even in the Milo demo's, the people who got to demo Milo were told to stand in front of the camera. Why not sit? My L1 to L4 spinal columns compressing (L = Lumbar). If they don't make it so you can sit, many gamers like me, with physical disabilities cannot use it. That's why having a piece of hardware with buttons will always out perform something without any input other than an optical one.

Good games can come from Natal, but IMHO its not going to be a hit like the Wii was.

EDIT: Why don't you guys respond to anything OTHER than the Chair comment? Why not try to refute the fact you can't do simple tasks that require multiple inputs. I used the example of drifting. In burnout all you press is brakes while you are holding the gas. Oh wait, my foot can't be forward and back at the same time.

And what are you disagreeing with? The fact I'm a teenage cripple? F*ck you.

phosphor1123394d ago

That's good to know. I mean, I know their trailer thing with the girl racing and stuff was shown but that was all like "Product vision: actual features and functionality may vary."

Honest to God I am not trying to bash Natal, I'm just being practical. I'm not as handicapped as people who need wheelchairs and such but they can also concur that Natal will leave out a whole niche of people. Wiimote and PS3 Wand thing has a MUCH less chance of that since you only use your upper body.

3394d ago
phosphor1123394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Appreciate it. Really. Calling me a troll? You've had this account for less than 8 days.

I know I don't have to prove myself that I am physically handicapped. Want to know the story of my god damn life? Here it f*cking is.

In Jr. High I ran track/cross country. 9th grade I joined wrestling while finishing up my CC season. I ended up getting GI flu along with upper respiratory infection. I had to quit both sports and stayed sick for over a month. I went to the doctor while I was sick and they found not only did I have intestinal lesions and ulcers, but I had PVFS for literally a year after that ( ).

That whole year of school I was unable to stand up for more than a few minutes, and would even pass out during class. My body weight went from 150 to 100 pounds in 4 months. Since then I have developed allergies, alactasia, sleep apnea, along with chronic depression, OCD and more specifically Trichotillomania. Because my sleep apnea (in which I get 13% of recommended REM sleep) I have sever short term memory problems. My grades in college are sh*t and I can't do anything about it other than try harder. Two years ago I have finally been able to build my weight back up to 150, and now I'm up to 180.

If you want to keep talking sh*t go ahead, but at least I have the balls to confront people with legitimate posts. F*ck you kid.

Jdoki3394d ago

Jeez Troll Killer, you're willing to make fun of someone's disabilities to defend your product of choice. That's sad.

Why would you need multiple accounts on this site? Is it because the nasty PS3 fans keep stealing your bubbles?

Motion controls are not the future for some people, and I'd be surprised if many people on N4G are going to play future iterations of Burnout etc with Natal (or PS3 Motion Controls) rather than a wheel or pad.

Motion controls have their place, and I'm sure Natal is going to be great in many ways - but the number of people on this site who previously bashed the Wii for motion controls, and are now praising Natal (and PS3 motion controls) as the 2nd coming is just crazy.

phosphor1123394d ago

How the f*ck do you disagree about what is fact? You disagree with what I said and how I became sick? Let me upload my knee X-Rays from when my back started to mess up my knees. I'll also try to get my scanner to work so I can scan my f*ckin sleep apnea report since thats f*cking right next to me.

It's pathetic. It's 5:50a.m. and I'm looking around my room to find these results just to prove I'm not a troll. And look, I'm not.

First is when my back started to affect my which started to chew at my can see where its jagid.

This one is the summary of my sleep apnea report...

All-33394d ago

Quote -

First up is Peter Molyneux's new baby. As you'll know if you followed our live text, Milo is the name of the new AI character in development at Lionhead Studios. And as you'll know if you read our interview with Peter Molyneux, or could have predicted if you know anything about Peter Molyneux, Kate is the name of a dog.

But the dog's not on show today - instead we're presented with Milo on his own, sitting on a swing by a river. Molyneux invites me to try interacting with him by standing in front of the screen and moving around the room.

As I move, the camera moves with me. Shift your body left and the camera pans left; tilt your body forwards and it zooms in, and so on. "Normally you'd be using the right thumbstick for this," observes Molyneux. It's a bit disconcerting, but in a good way; looking around to change your viewpoint feels a lot more natural than pushing a stick.

NOTE --> What about those who would rather stay sat on the sofa? The technology works just as well when sitting down, according to Molyneux: "You just move your torso and your head to move around. It can be a very relaxed experience."

ultimolu3394d ago

You 360 fanboys are the lowest of the know that?

phosphor112 was not bashing Natal. He was giving an honest opinion. And Troll Killer, you know what? Someone should kick you out of the Gamerzone for being ignorant as hell.

Unbelievable...making fun of the guy like that?

Jockamo3393d ago

haha! what kind of douche bag posts his xrays.

we all have problems man, for f'cks sake...

Back to Natal...
I'm impressed at the response time it takes to recognize a new person. I hope they release some new tech demos soon though. MS really needs to drive this home.

ManiacMan40043393d ago

If someone told you 8 years ago that in order to play the next Nintendo console, you would have to flail your arms around or stand on a "balance board", you would have the same reaction. Look at it nowadays. Microsoft isn't making this for the hardcore gamers that can sit and play games for 12 hours straight without moving. I think Project Natal is designed (just like the Wii was) to introduce a different form of interaction.

TheDynamo3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

What's next? Will you ask him is an epileptic seizure another form of RUMBLE? Sheesh!

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happyface3394d ago

the earliest this is coming out is holiday 2010, its still super early and its working pretty well already

the reaction to it from the people there and the crowd shows this is going to be an attention getter at the very least. Probably no wii like phenomenon, but its going to help 360 with casuals a bunch

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