IGN AU's Top Ten Games of E3

E3 2009 represented an incredible showcase of games, so coming up with the AU team's top 10 was easier said than done. After vigorous debate, however, these are the games that impressed them the most.

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The General3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Is it me or is this trend looking to be a permanent one? Alan Wake has definitely falling a lot in hype. Especially since more of the gameplay has been shown and it now lacks the wow factor it used to have five years ago. One thing still holds true on any site--PS3 has the best games.

Lets see what the Red Ring Defense Force has to say about Sony's increasing dominance in delivering the best HD gaming experience on any console.

@below: A PS3 exclusive game is THE (#1) Top game on a list comprised of games from every console. So really duh, just between you and me, how many accounts do you really have? I guess I can already tell by the amount of disagrees I'm getting.

really duh3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Only one game in the top ten for PS3? LMAO at the pic for this story, is this suppose to be revenge because of the other IGN E3 post?

xabmol3271d ago

And the PC has 6. Good time to own a nice PC.

Btw, the PS3 has more exclusives on that list then your precious 360 does. Heck, even Nintendo does! lol

jkhan3271d ago