Gran Turismo PSP to Include Online Play

GT PSP is one of the first games outside of Japan to take advantage of little-known "Ad-Hoc Party" mode.

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Myst3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

"That’s cool, but there’s more to it than that - GT PSP will be one of the first games outside of Japan to take advantage of the little-known Ad-Hoc Party application."

If I recall every game can pretty much run through Ad-hoc party right? I've played a few Monster Hunter Freedom 2 sessions as well as Phantasy Star Portable on Ad-hoc.

Anyway I'm just glad it's coming to the states this will get more people to play online with games of their choice such as Gran Turismo, Monster Hunter, or even Metal Gear (I think that will more than likely be able to utilize Ad-hoc as well).

Edit - unless they are talking about it being the first game to come out AND use the American Ad-hoc party. Then again they left no information. For all we know it could come out with Monster Hunter Freedom United, or it could come out by Halloween time :).

talltony3391d ago

trophies!!! this game will be so complete!


I cant wait for this game. I am excited for this and metal gear. I think Resistance retribution uses it..

eagle213391d ago

Adding millions more to the franchise Oct. 1st. :)

Socomer 19793391d ago

i thought it was called gamesharing? i always run matches of, tekken, guilty gear, syphon filter combat ops and lately resistance retribution and the monster hunter demo.

you dont even have to be my friend or relative either because if i see somebody in the street playing a psp , i walk up to them and ask if they wann play a cool game for a moment. most people think im crazy but a few pwoplw battle and they all say wow, i didnt know my psp can do that. sheesh, nice marketing sony.

Socomer 19793391d ago

the legendary gran turismo

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