Gran Turismo 5, King of all Driving Sims

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "The votes are in! The good news is Gran Turismo still holds the crown for best driving simulator on the market. Recently media conglomerate CNET did a readers poll which pitted the driving jauggarnaut, GT5 vs. the 'Johnny come lately' Forza Motorsport 3."

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DJ3447d ago

Turn 10's attempts to sway the results failed AND blew up in their face.

CaseyRyback_CPO3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I bet the results would have been more realistic with CNETs readership if pathetic Turn10 didn't decide to bribe people to vote for their "definitive" game. Most of the votes surely came from gtplanet alone lol.

DoucheVader3447d ago

I think everyone agrees this was a low move.

I wonder what the meeting was like that morning over at the Forza community offices....

Community Manager: Hey CNet is doing a GT5 vs. Forza 3 poll. Lets rig the vote by giving away free DLC!

Loyal Xbots: BRILLIANT!!!!

MNicholas3447d ago

until we see both games in action there's no way to know which will be a better overall game. Obviously GT5 looks better and has the potential for better physics and to be a better sim (due to the vastly more powerful CPU) but final judgement will have to wait.

Cnet articles are usually written by a bunch of idiots so I can't say I take the word of people who live by those articles too seriously. Having said that, Turn10 has a very long way to go if they want to back up their statements about their competition. They've already fallen short in visuals. Hopefully the physics are less wrong than in Forza 2 and the tracks not artificially altered to compensate for the poor physics.

Ju3447d ago

ha ha ha! That backfired...a bit. LOL.

WonderboyIII3447d ago

My Pen is the largest!!!!

Aclay3447d ago

I think Turn 10 is just trying to hype up their game with all the talk they've been doing lately. They really need to learn some respect though, because Gran Turismo is like a Legend in the gaming industry, regardless of what Turn 10 thinks of the franchise.

Honestly I just think Turn 10 is envious of Polyphony Digital's immense success with GT on Playstation. I'm sure Forza is great and all, but GT still holds the crown when it comes to status and pure Simulation Racing.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue ( a glorified demo) alone has sold almost as much as Forza 2 has ever sold. I can't wait until GT5 finally drops so the game can finally shut those Turn 10 devs. up

Darkeyes3447d ago

lol... That is what happens when you mess up with a 50 million franchise. I mean even the GT5 demo nearly outsold Forza 2... and it was a DEMO!!!!It was jus that M$ started bundling up the game and so the game barely scraped passed it.

I remember seeing the voting at 70% in Forza favor... and then suddenly yesterday GT beat the crap out of it. And what makes the victory even sweeter is the fact that Forza tried to rig the poll but failed.

I wouldn't have taken a jab at Forza if the devs would have STFU and minded their own business. But the last few posts by that ridiculous jerk were pathetic. And the 'Bribing people to give votes' was so desperate. I just want PD to show a few damage videos in 1080P and kick the balls out of Forza.
Go 360 fanboys.. Go and customize your cars while we play a 1080P 60FPS game with 2X cars on road and 2X cars available.

Thugbot1873446d ago

When did a poll of two games before they are released start deciding the quality of the game, CNet and its poor journalism adding to fanboy drama. Silly for Turn 10 to take part in this agreed.

eagle213446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I think everyone is aware of this but some are just trying to find an exclusive on 360 this fall that isn't DLC so the fear kicks in. Again, I really find it funny that forza 3 lost in Xplays racing category E3 2009 Awards. Turn-10 must have missed

Xplay knows it's nothing special. :)

hulk_bash19873446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Bribing the masses to sway the voters, lol. This has officially gotten out of hand. Good job Turn 10.

decimalator3446d ago

Big surprise. Probably not a good idea.

CaseyRyback_CPO3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Only 8 cars Racing at a time
2 discs...
only 400 cars.
Not 1080p
Cokkpit View is 30fps

this just keeps getting better, because if thats definitive, whats GT5?

edit @ Immortal Kim,

Makes you wonder why Turn10 would bribe their own community when both games aren't out huh?

Immortal Kaim3446d ago

Both games aren't even out yet...nice headline :)

3446d ago
SnukaTheMan3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

there is a unicorn car.....what horseshit.

el zorro3446d ago

Which is it PS3 fans? First we had swarms of PS3 fans up in arms in the other article saying how you can't have a poll asking people which game they think is better until the games are out, and now that the poll swung in your favor you guys are only two happy to accept the results of the poll as legitimate and crown GT the best driving sim. Talk about a bunch of hypocrites. Well, at least you guys are living up to your name.


also one more thing, at around august microsft's going to flood xbl with lots of forza banner adds.....ok, that's in about 3 months from now, do you think that any xbot that DOES reads this is going to keep this sh!t going back and forth in their heads for 3 months? (deciding which game is the definitive racing game)'s even harder for those to get gt especially if they don't have a ps3.

and btw.........halo is the definitive fps, the number say so, the graphics of all other fps's don't mean sh!t to an xbot. play a round of halo3 online and tell me why so many care so little about graphics in that game.

R3D3446d ago

"Editor's note: After numerous complaints of cheating and in-game content being offered as payment for votes, I've decided to close the poll. Way to ruin the fun for the rest of us, guys."

LMAO! Priceless.

DevastationEve3446d ago

you sony only guys are taking this way outta proportion. they said definite racing game this gen...

...but NONE of you are quick to defend any other racer out there. it doesn't bother you that the list includes MANY titles. if this were about Grid, you'd just blow it off.

no, you guys just want to put GT as THE ONLY game that turn 10 is inferring. i can see how it's between EXCLUSIVE racers, but you guys are way too serious over this whole thing. turn 10 never called out anyone or any game in particular. they're NOT competing with GT. GT IS NOT on Xbox 360. PGR 4, GRID, the NFS series THOSE games are.

gosh people.

Information Minister3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

It weren't the "sony only guys" that took this "way outta proportion". It was turn 10 themselves, when they started bashing GT (and ONLY GT) for no good reason. Not GRID, not NFS, not PGR, JUST GT!
So as you see, GT IS THE ONLY game that turn 10 is inferring.

"Turn 10 never called out anyone or any game in particular"? Have you been living under a rock?

potenquatro3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I get what you're saying. But Turn10 has being talking too much thou. imo.

PopEmUp3446d ago

"Forza 3 is the definitive racer this generation!!! Forza 3 is the definitive racer this generation!!! Forza 3 is the definitive racer this generation!!! Forza 3 is the definitive racer this generation!!! Forza 3 is the definitive racer this generation!!! Forza 3 is the definitive racer this generation!!! Forza 3 is the definitive racer this generation!!! Forza 3 is the definitive racer this generation!!"

Megatron083446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

$ony uses all it money to pay off voters. GT isnt even a driving sim its an arcade racer. Plus GT5 isnt even out it took them 3 years of delays to add damage now they have nascar to add to the game that take them another 3-5 years to add the ps5 will be out before GT5.

Also turn 10 had already won this poll. Having idoit ps3 fanboys spam the site days later after finding out gt5 lost is about like that recount in fl.

R3D3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

LOL! I hope I really do that was all sarcasm Megatron08.

GT5 should have a rainbow Murciélago with a horn on its hood to capture this epic moment in time lmao

JohnnyBadfinger3446d ago

Saying your game (Forza 3) iis better then GT is just stupid. Its not gunna make then game sell, it just opens it up for criticism, and the hype just leads to a let down. It happend to Killzone 2 (sorry Sony fans, but it true) and Halo 3 (sorry Xbox fans, but it true), when both games shipped alot of people could not help but be disappointed with the finished result, both claimed to be the defining games of this Generation but ultimately lead to broken promises and a not as good as could have been scenarios.

I think Turn 10 is setting them selves up for the same deal, while PD are keeping quite and hidden out of site to just let the gamers anticipation built and not the medias.

GT #1 (wins comfortably)
Forza #2 (but not far behind)

And Im a XBOX 360 owner and i can admit that GT is better than Forza, so why can't the PS3 fans admit the Xbox has awsome games?

I know why... but saying it will get me in trouble and banned again.

Syronicus3446d ago

It was Forza fans showing their distaste in a community manager that bribes folks and makes an arse of themselves to get attention. Not once did you ever hear Polyphony Digital come out and try to defend their racer or talk smack, because they know what they have and how successful it has been over the years. Why Turn 10 decided to go down this road is beyond me. I had all respect for their game but have to admit, I lost a little just because of that idiot that talked smack way too much lately.

vhero3446d ago

Even when offering a free gift they cant win?? how much proof do we need which games better before they have even been released?

commodore643446d ago

The Sony defence force activated in record time, to save face.

Nothing like a bit of viral twittering to bring the Ps3 fanboys a-running. Thanks a million to

An exemplary case of PS3 brand loyalty coming to the rescue.

A bit sad, imo.

Shadow Flare3446d ago

Do you think GRID is the definitive racing game this generation? Gran Turismo is the most successful and critically acclaimed driving simulator in the world. Trust me, turn 10 were talking about gran turismo

arika3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

if you want realistic racing simulation that is almost close to perfection as possible then go for GT5

if you want an off the wall off road racer and exotic places go for MOTORSTORM 1&2

if you want a better alternative to mario cart with an additional create and share feature you can't go wrong with MODNATION RACER

if you want the best futuristic racing game go for WIPEOUT HD

and if you want a second rate trying hard copy cat well, go for FORZA 3. LOL! sad but true...

Syronicus3446d ago

I have to ask the question:

Why is brand loyalty a bad thing? Polyphony Digital has spent years developing great games to earn that loyalty and now that the peoples vote has swayed in the direction of the larger more well known franchise, brand loyalty is a bad thing? Come on, where's the common sense in that? Wasn't it brand loyalty that encouraged the Forza 3 folks to vote for their favorite franchise? It would seem so...

JHUX3446d ago

El zorro, fanboys are all hypocrites, and there aren't that many fanboy posts in here anyway (I havent read all comments keep in mind).... Notice how 360 fanboys were using this poll to declare forza the king of racers "taking the crown from the GT series", well now that tables turned in one day (especially since forza devs tried bribing there fans to vote rofl), now 360 fans are saying "Well you cant make a decision til' the games out". Whose the hypocrite again? See how easy it was for me to do that? lol.... Besides I dont think many sony fans are even using this as proof of it being better, there mainly rubbing it into turn 10 (which they deserve it), for trying to rig a poll and still lose.

bnaked3446d ago

Thats nothing else than a PS3 vs 360 poll.. crap

Ausbo3446d ago

because the ps3 fanboys swarm the internet while the xbox gamers play their games on their xbox rather than vote in polls on the web, and that is the reason why every article on this site is ps3 ftw or xbox sucks.


selling more, that's ware it counts....not in the f#cking polls.

ms is going to market sh1t out of forza, it's what ms does, it's what the workers of both ms and turn 10 are payed to do.

edgeofblade3446d ago

So? It's still no more valid than it was before. It's a fracking internet poll. No validity regardless of who is skewing or not skewing the results.

thesummerofgeorge3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

What you just said, makes ZERO sense. Individuals voted, although many on the Forza side weren't honest votes as they were bribing people, but the fact that GT5 still won isn't invalid. You think that no internet polls are valid? Explain. Or are you just bitter and grasping at straws cause you're a major fanboy? Individuals voted for their preferred game, other than the bribing on the Forza side, what's invalid about my vote for GT5? Or your vote for Forza (assuming you aren't voting for the bribe as well).

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3446d ago

I guess we can look at it from a technical standpoint.

Both forza and Gran turismo are supposed to be racing simulators, no?
You judge a racing sim based on how realistic it is. The more realistic the better, yes?
By more realistic I don't only mean the cars react the same way they do in real life but they look the same as the would in real life. Thats a graphics thing in case you're wondering.
So the better simulator should have the better graphics and the better physics. That would be Gran Turismo.

StalkingSilence3446d ago

From the Article:
"Editor’s note: After numerous complaints of cheating and in-game content being offered as payment for votes, I’ve decided to close the poll. Way to ruin the fun for the rest of us, guys."

rockleex3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Everybody had been saying from the beginning that its an internet poll about two games that haven't even been released yet, so its not valid. So people were pointing out that bribing to win an invalid poll is just stupid.

But 360 fans were saying its "not really bribing" so the poll's still valid.

Now that GT won the poll, 360 fans suddenly agree with the rest of us that the poll was invalid to begin with. All the while the PS3 fans are just laughing at how Turn 10 bribed to win an invalid poll, but still ended up losing!!

Its the equivalent of using steroids to win a regular football match at the park... but still end up losing. O_o

The funniest thing to me is that Cnet decided to close the poll after GT started beating Forza again. I guess they didn't want to see GT pull too far ahead. :P

Sarcasm3446d ago

"no, you guys just want to put GT as THE ONLY game that turn 10 is inferring"

huh? Turn 10 is the one who keeps saying GT this GT that. So who's fault is it?

Turn 10 downplays GT, what? We're going to defend Grid?

mebob3446d ago

Not very surprising, i mean the GT series sold over 20miilion+ copies? so its not surprising to see it pull ahead of forza3. i will admit that GT is a better driving sim then most console racing games. But PC racing games take the cake for realistic handling and physics. (although the graphics are no were as good as the new GT, prob due to budget and stuff not the PC it self.)

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xhi43447d ago

mate Forza 3 got nothing on GT 5

Forza 3, no doubt a great game, but come on, next to GT5....really?

Harri44443447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I can't understand how Turn 10 can push out three games while Polyphony digital has been focusing on GT5 the whole time and still have the guts to say that they are running out of improvements. sorry Turn 10 but GT5>F3, and that's never going to change.

Harri44443446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

yeah i but that's more of a side project...

Omegasyde3446d ago

GT5 will probally be the last racing game I buy until the next generation of consoles.

I mean come-on, NASCAR + RALLY + Exotic Races?

You can't compete, I am wondering how the hell hey are going to fit this game on 1 blu-ray disc.

Sidenote: Online Polls are stupid, and no one should consider it a definite true sampling. Gran tourismo is still the $#%[email protected]% and my favorite Sony Franchise.

da720izcumin3446d ago

this game is not even out yet....
how would you or anyone else know that it is the king of all driving sims?

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lloyd_wonder3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Hahaha. FAIL

Let's see Forza 3 sell some copies now...

MGOelite3447d ago

lulz they rigged the competition and still failed

Defectiv3_Detectiv33446d ago

The gran turismo series is nothing short of a social phenomenon.

I'm sure if this series never existed racing sims in general would be far less advanced.

I wouldn't even put Forza in the top 3, does nobody remember T.O.C.A.!?

Montreafart3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Lmao, the people have spoken INDEED.

Its fking silly to see Forza go against the giant. They probably wanted to do a David vs Goliath thing. But they are not David. They are the fking scumbag schoolyard bully that everyone hates!

Talking shiat like they do, they better bring the money where their fking mouth is! And obviously they failed.

The people have spoken. Please crawl back to your cave.

Obama3447d ago

If Turn 10 didn't use bribe, they would have even looked more pathetic.

phosphor1123446d ago

If they didn't bribe, it would actually be more understandable.

JHUX3446d ago

Yeah they look way more pathetic with the bribe.... they tried to rig the poll so they could win, and they lost...

Lets say if they would have just let it be a fair poll and lost to gt5 everyone could say "well gt series has always had a bigger fanbase thats understandable".... etc etc.

AssassinHD3446d ago

You want to know what I think on the matter? I think that if Turn 10 had never offered a reward then Forza 3 probably would have won the poll. Forza 3 was ahead from the beginning, and because that poll got so much publicity as a result of that bribe, the GT community became more aware of the poll and mobilized to vote for GT.