1Up Prototype Review

No matter how deeply they may be buried, even the most tortured antihero usually possesses some redeeming qualities. Not Alex Mercer. He pursues his quest for answers and vengeance with wanton disregard for humanity against the backdrop of a New York City torn apart by the violent struggle to stop an aggressive plague-like viral outbreak. In any other story this could make it nearly impossible to connect with him as the main character. For Prototype it works well. His ability to completely ignore the collateral damage caused by his actions unhitches the moral reins, allowing players to fully exercise the breadth of powers and abilities at his disposal without a second thought. If only the game itself were equally accommodating.

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NewScratch3392d ago

this short? seems a bit on the light side for such a big release...

CaseyRyback_CPO3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Thats a double dipping of owned.

Is that not hilarious?

Montrealien3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

"Is that not hilarious?"

Only to the special people of N4G, you know, the tiny vocal minority of the gaming world. People in the other zone might care to respond to such an "enthusiast" comment. Here you are just annoying.

/on topic

Good review, I got it today an it is a great game it's nice to see it is receiving positive reviews. This was a great game to follow the amazing Infamous.

@the dissagrees. WTF? Infamous is amazing. you guys are weird!

AKNAA3392d ago

This game is messed up in terms of average score! I mean, WTF?! first its in the 90's then drops to the 60's,70's then back up to the 80's and now what?...... [email protected] this! I need a demo to try for myself.

XDF3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Serious dude, you are the TROLL of trolls. Every post is a flame bait from you. Get a life dude.

MNicholas3392d ago

Looks like a PS2 game with bump mapping. The textures are disastrous, the character models are blocky and the overall visual quality is simply not up to the level of other next-gen multiplats.

Very disappointing.

Gameplay looks fun, however, despite the last-gen looks. Then again, I can get God of War 2 for PS2 for about $20 with free shipping from Amazon.

This game is sure to be fun but there's no evidence that at $60 it succeeds in providing a true next-gen gaming experience.

God of War 2 (last-gen)

Spiderman (last-gen)

megaglitcher3392d ago

I wonder in what planet is Prototype scoring higher on ps3?

they only reason the meta score is higher on ps3 is because there's 16 scores aggregated on the xbox version and 13 on the ps3. Plus it seems xbox only sites gave the game lower scores.

Some people here are brain dead.

PrimordialSoupBase3392d ago

It's a concise length with pertinent information.

DMason3392d ago


Yeah dude, you're absolutely right. Some of these idiots don't know how to average scores. They just look at the initial score and shoot their mouths off.

This game is great, it got a bad score from 2 uncredited foreign blog sites. Otherwise, this game has been scoring pretty damn good. And it should, because it is a super fun game.

To all the graphics whores out there, try something new for a change. Try playing the game instead of looking at it. I'm sure you'll have more fun.

All-33392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

The multiplatform game, PS3 version of Prototype currently has a higher metacritic score than the PS3 exclusive InFAMOUS too...

dustgavin3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Which means that both PS3 games are scoring higher than the 360 version.

Arnon3392d ago

To the people up above:

The playstation 3 version of Prototype is not scoring higher than the Xbox 360 version. There's stuff they haven't factored in, and some reviews are exclusive publishers, so it's not even a fair judgment.

DaTruth3392d ago

Remember how every little graphical glitch was held against Infamous, even when owners of the game haven't noticed it after 2 playthroughs. But let's not hold the numerous flaws(every technical aspect of the game) against Prototype, because hey, it's fun!

rockleex3392d ago

When PS3 versions of multiplats score less and PS3 fans explain that its due to the different amounts of reviews for each version, 360 fans just end up calling them crybabies.

Now that 360 fans are in the same position, they are using the same explanations that PS3 fans used to justify the different scores.

Its just funny to see both sides use the same arguments whenever they're in the same position.

All-33391d ago

Strange how sales or review articles seems to get so many posts on this site when so often people say neither matter.

If reviews don't matter then why does my copy of Killzone 2 have...

"5 out of 5 stars" - PlayStation: The Official Magazine - on the cover?

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WildArmed3392d ago

this game seems solid.
i gotta get this.
imma give this to my couzin as a bday gift n play all day :D

Ravage273392d ago

After reading various reviews of this game, i've came to a (personal) conclusion: It may be lacking in gfx,story and controls, but compensates with a deep leveling and combo system + plenty of mindless fun.

Ok, this is just a theory but it could perhaps explain the inconsistent scores for prototype. Maybe reviewers from this site appreciates a good plot with clever storytelling and immersive atmosphere opposed to pure and simple fun derived from insane combo-chaining? Reviewers preferring prototype gfx might be a fan of gore and bloody animations, and hence downplay the low quality textures?

At the end of the day, prototype is definitely not a flop and is a welcome addition to both systems. For me however, prototype is not my cup of tea and i'll stick with inFamous.

Unicron3392d ago

That's why Metacritic is sh1t.

Please, if you want to play this game, play it. Don't let some arbitrary review number tacked on to someone's opinion deter you from checking out a game you are interested in.

OGharryjoysticks3392d ago

They have to punish the game because some fool gave it a 98 even though it has "a lackluster stealth and disguising mechanic". Well, somebody is trying real hard to make this game a big deal even though 98 games shouldn't be described as lackluster on anything basically.

PS360PCROCKS3392d ago

yeah that's stupid. Lol a 67 = a b-? A 67 is a D. 70 is a C. This should be like an 82/83

The Great Melon3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

The review from 1up feels about right. Although I understand why it translates that way, I doubt anyone including 1up feels that a B- or A translates to 67.

It seems that letter grades will always be over converted when put in metacritic, because even a D is above 50% in most grading systems.

boodybandit3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

They are flawed on so many levels that it would take far too long and end up being a complete waste of time listing all their faults.

Ju3392d ago

Well, its mathematically correct, assuming, they have a scale A to F and +/-, which results in a scale from 1 to 15. B- == 10 -> 66.7%

Shadowstar3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

@Dirtyharry: Huh? 60% was generally a C in my schools. It was true of my high school and my university. And I think my elementary school, too, though that was a long time back now. 80% is an A. 90% is A+. B is 70%, with A- 77-79, B+ as 73-76, B- as 67-69...

Are grading systems really that different in some places, or is there some inflation of marks going on that's caused schools to change what they consider a B?

Veneno3392d ago

inFAMOUS and every other game are subject to the same scale, so it technically is fair for everyone.

Arnon3392d ago

Metacritic hasn't even factored in:

Play3 - 83/100
CN - 85/100
PALGN - 80/100
Action Trip - 85/100
G4TV - 4/5 (80-99/100)
PSi - 90/100
Xbotist - 4/5 (80-99/100)
Daily Joystick - 80/100
Now Gamer - 71/100 - 90/100
PGNx Media - 95/100
CheatCC - 98/100
GamingFront - 90/100

These are GREAT scores. The game is a definite AA title. Same as inFAMOUS. And GTA IV SHOULD be the same... but we all know how that turned out >.>

DaTruth3392d ago

It is based on the British system of grading, which applies to most of the World. I am Canadian and that is a B- here. It is said many times on this site... America is not the whole world!

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badbond13392d ago

to buying it but I'm satisfied with Infamous! Looking forward to buying DC universe online (exclusive), Uncharted 2 (exclusive), Ratchet & Clank (exclusive), MAG (exclusive), Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (upgraded exclusive), Bioshock 2, God of War III (exclusive) and Gran Turismo 5 (exclusive). Xbots don't even waste your time competing with that list!

Montrealien3392d ago

those xbots are pesky ones.

But I can compete with that tiny list. I got infamous, got Prototype today, will get most of the games that you listed in your fantart list. However I will be geting many other great games on the other consoles and the PC.

Ah...being a gamer is so much better then a little useless anonymous brand whore, its such a bottom feeding existence, and could never compete with real gamers.

II Necroplasm II3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

"being a gamer is so much better then a little useless anonymous brand whore"

70% of N4G is proud of being brand whores. I bet everything in their house is a Sony product.

Beg For Mercy3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

this game today and my oh my is this game horrible sloppy controls fuced up camera alex mercer just flys all over the place out of control this game is trash im not even going to mention the graphics cause well you know they are simply terrible.

Eiffel3392d ago

Amen. Bubbles for truth.

Nelson M3392d ago

Why dont you book a Room for your BoT self and NecroSlime
And dont forget your Favorite Backstreet Boys CD

rucky3392d ago

That's not true, I own a Microsoft mouse

STONEY43392d ago

Maybe you should stop just buying exclusives and open your eyes to the many great multiplatform titles out there. Just because it's multiplat and not exclusive doesn't mean it sucks.

talltony3392d ago

but I am not getting it cause I did not like the hulk ultimate destruction.

-MD-3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Why did you put an exclamation point after Infamous? And didn't they remove pretty much all the gore in the PS3 version of NG2? How lame is that gonna be?

And why are you buying all exclusives? Half the time Multiplats are more fun than any first party title.

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HQLocated1113392d ago

Mixed reviews=rent. Very good rent actually.

Montrealien3392d ago

yeah, you will surely enjoy the rental, myself I bought it though, I love Radical and to me they deserve the support.

HQLocated1113392d ago

Yea I wouldn't mind buying it, but I already have infamous. I don't really like buying too many open world games at one time.