PS Blog: PSP Firmware (v5.51) Update

Official Playstation Blog:
"A new PSP firmware update, v5.51, will be released soon. System software stability during use of some features has been improved."

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George Sears3354d ago

After going to costume firmware these new firmwares updates are a joke in comparison.

whoelse3353d ago

There's nothing wrong with this update. It's better than nothing.

Myst3354d ago

Been a while since I've heard news of PSP firmware, either they are just rare now or I've been living under a pretty heavy rock.

Blaze9293354d ago

I'm still on 5.00M33-4 and have been for who knows how long.

Myst3354d ago

Oh, I see so it's not just me.

KiraxYamato3354d ago

you can update it to 5.00 M33-6 or use the temporary firmware for PSP 2000/3000 series called 5.03 GEN-A.

CaptainKratos3354d ago

not just you... just you