Six Days in Fallujah not dead yet, first gameplay shown

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

"Even without the funding of the Japanese publisher, Atomic Games has continued to press forward with the development of the game, hoping to be picked up by another publisher. The game has since been featured on an ABC report, showing off the first glimpse of the game in action."

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The game should come out. Me being ex military my self would love to show them what it is to do the dirty work of our nation. That also includes training and prepping for it too. I Give nothing but respect to those who fought in it, and gave it TRIER ALL, WHEN GIVEN THE ORDER TO DO SO. This can be better understood by showing our country what we do and did in time of peace and in war. Let the game come out or get published. We owe it to those who fell and who are still over there for us. Show our NATION, THE PEOPLE WHO COUNT ON US, THE SERVICE MEMBER! Let them understand what he or she does for their country. Show them what happens when you send a man or women into harms way and what they have to endure for the nations defenses and well being. This I think is just another good way to educate the mass of this audience of what war is and what really happens during it, when we as a nation vote for war. Let them see how it's fought and what it takes to carry it out.

TheIneffableBob3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

From a gameplay perspective, it doesn't seem very realistic. One scene showed a soldier get shot two or three times and he just ran roadie-run style into cover. If they emphasized the tension of being in war by making you become incapped after taking two shots to the chest then I think they would be able to get their message across better.