G4TV: Opening The Valve, Gabe Newell Interview

While the Valve faithful were probably expecting an update on what was happening with the third Episode of Half-Life 2 episodic content, or something about a Portal sequel, E3 2009 would prove not to be the place for that. A few days before E3 dropped, the world discovered what Valve was hiding. Coming off a successful Left 4 Dead release on the PC and Xbox 360, the Seattle based company decided to go back to the drawing board and blow out Left 4 Dead 2, a fully-fledged sequel that will drop later this year.

Known for consistently adding content for free, the publisher caused tantrums among its fans. Among the many questions: "Why a sequel so soon?" "Where the hell is Episode 3?" G4TV swung by E3 for their annual interview with Valve's Gabe Newell and Doug "Don't Tell Billy" Lombardi to get the latest on everything Valve.

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WildArmed3390d ago

"Yes. We haven’t done a good job of taking care of our PS3 customers at all for the existing Orange Box customers, and that is very frustrating to me personally. Until we can do a better job than we have, I’m sort of hesitant to go back and screw them again. So, I want to make sure when we have customers on the PS3 they don’t end up in the sort of second class citizen that I feel that they’ve been by what we did originally with the Orange Box."

I'm quite satisfied with that answer.
Thanks for a reasonable answer.
I'm sure every 'sane' person will understand ^^
exception: fanboys :D

DecayingMadness3390d ago

isn't it really EA's fault though since they ported it...

qface643390d ago

i actually agree this is a totally different answer then what the gabe in the past would say

also don't mean to offend but he doesn't look like the most photogenic guy around
how about a smile at least

WildArmed3390d ago

lol i think that would be the submitter choice of photo.

Yeah, but they both didnt take responsibility. So I'm just happy some1 is manning up.

DeforMAKulizer3390d ago

WOW!!! Kinda surprised Gabe would say that!
Makes me feel happy that PS3 owners might finally be getting some Valve love, with hopefully Half-life 2: Episode 3, and maybe, just maybe L4D...
Glad to see Gabe answer in such a positive remark, and trying to get off on a new page! =D
At least now we can know for sure that Valve are trying their best to maximize potential games on the PS3!

WildArmed3390d ago

although i dont think we'll see PS3 valve games.
its just good 2 see him give him respect to it.
maybe once they recruit some ps3 tech geeks, then.
but its doubtful.
financially they are doing fine with just PC n 360. (which is great!)

DeforMAKulizer3390d ago

Ya i know, but at least now we all know that he and his company are open to trying to account to the PS3 consumers...
I mean IMHO, i would much rather play their games on my PC, best utilization, performance, and immersion into their games...
But at least the future of Valve and PS3, especially consumers, looks slightly brighter now...

ChrisGTR13390d ago

why cant they just make it for ps3 but ad another 6 months of dev time? im shure itll work fine with all that extra time

Rob0g0rilla3390d ago

I'm surprised he didn't say it sooner.

Enigma_20993390d ago

If you feel personally frustrated about your previous efforts, you TRY HARDER NEXT TIME, NOT SHUT THEM OUT ALL TOGETHER!!!!

Anyone but fanboys would accept this excuse?!?! No one with common SENSE would let him get away with that kind of excuse!

""So, I want to make sure when we have customers on the PS3 they don’t end up in the sort of second class citizen that I feel that they’ve been by what we did originally with the Orange Box."

Guess what, if you don't put any games on the PS3, you don't have any customers! You don't have to be a genius to figure this out!

ThanatosDMC3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

After all the flaming he got... of course he'll say this. I'm not satisfied. I sold back my Orange Box (PS3) a long time ago. Heck UT3 with PS3 mod support is better.

@ Enigma_2099

I completely agree with you. Words are nothing without action. They had ample time.

Javier193390d ago

Yeah man i was pretty happy with that answer too, its there choice and if they dont want to touch the PS3 then so be it.

Enigma_20993390d ago

Spoken like a true XBox 360 owner... why would anyone expect you to care?!?!?

JD_Shadow3390d ago

I would have a wait and see attitude, because this has been said before by Valve, and we have yet to see them NOT flip-flop over this.

So, Gabe, you BETTER MEAN it this time around.

Alvadr3390d ago

I dont believe that they want to do a PS3 version. They could ask for help from Sony and I bet they would jump at the chance in order to get another popular killer title on the PS3.

They are just Lazy!

All-33389d ago

The Orange Box - PS3

Publisher = EA - not Valve.

Game Studio that handled the PS3 port = EA London - not Valve.

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

I heard they paid him with donuts to do this interview

Im sure what he said about the ps3 is bs. He is a ms soldier so he like to suck ms cawk.

GamerPS3603390d ago

Good to see +ve attitude toward PS3 but I play Valve games on PC.

HQLocated1113390d ago

He just said that to shut PS3 owners up. Everybody knows valve will never port any games over to the PS3. Valve already said a few days ago that the PS3 is "too complicated."

HQLocated1113390d ago

That was posted last year though lol. PS3 wasn't as successful in August of 2008 as they are NOW with the release of Killzone 2 and inFamous. Good post though.

Stationfan3390d ago

What is this "To Catch a Predator", oh wait it Gabe, i hope he shows the ps3 community some love were getting too big for us to ignore.

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