Are Games Going too Far? Six Days in Fallujah crossing the line?

Examiner: "When is it too much for a game? Has Atomic Games gone too far with their upcoming military based title Six Days in Fallujah? The game will represent one of the most known battles in Iraq and show accurate depictions of how the battle was fought. As we can see from the first released footage of the game, it seems like a heavy tactical based title. Much like really military battles are fought. Well, some people are saying this game is going too far and an insult to veterans."

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WildArmed3328d ago

maybe them having no publishers -.-
/end sarcasm

lokiroo4203327d ago

If it has the statue being torn down, and the hunt for saddam, ill buy it.

Raoh3328d ago

i actually was interested in theis game

screw call of duty or modern warfare or all other war shooters

this could have been the Full Metal Jacket of video games..

MattyF3328d ago

The gameplay looks solid in the video, actually. Doesn't seem too violent to me.

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Gamer60563328d ago

gee let me think every year we at least have one world war 2 game and people don't complain but once its about Iraq people freak out.