GamesRadar: Rock Band Unplugged Review

The game recognizable Rock Band touches – the overdrives, the guitar solos, the world tour, the band creation. There's even a downloadable store allowing you to grab DLC tunes, via your PSN account. Plus the tunes span everything from Jackson 5's ABC to Pearl Jam's Alive. Still, it can be fiddly getting used to the new controls that never feel as intuitive as its bigger brother. Yet that's a minor grumble. Really, you don't need a plastic guitar to rock hard.

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Myst3354d ago

I just played the demo and I've got to say I enjoyed it, don't know if It will warrant an immediate purchase, but surely I will get it sometime down the line. Just wish it had some sort of multiplayer so I could at least play with others while sitting in class or something :), Though I suppose Monster Hunter will have to do.