Giant Bomb: Prototype Review

Radical Entertainment surprised a lot of people on the last generation of consoles with The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, an over-the-top open-world take on Marvel's green-skinned beast that let you do things like hurl city buses directly into helicopters. Now Radical is back on modern hardware with Prototype, which is basically the same game as Ultimate Destruction with an original (still comic book-like) storyline and a startling number of new combat abilities bolted onto the existing framework.

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other443355d ago

prototype makes me love INFAMOUS even more!!

DaTruth3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Well, now we see, the power of teh multiplat. Let me guess; If the PS3 version of this game is inferior to the 360 version, will it still be "lol ps3 is teh suck and weak", even though this game pales in comparison to Infamous in a strictly technical sense?(haven't played it so the fun factor is unknown)

People(360 fanboys) were questioning "If teh PS3 is so powerful, why teh aliasing and pop-in in Infamous?" Because if Infamous wasn't a PS3 exclusive, it would look horrible with far worse problems(like prototype's terrible graphics and short draw distances). Not to mention that this game is 4 yrs in the making!!!

The whole "360 is teh more powerful cause teh 360 multiplats are bestest", argument ends today with the release of Prototype!

3354d ago
Vecta3354d ago

Owning both games I fail to see how Prototype pales in comparison to inFamous graphically.

If you put 50 cars and over 100 people on the screen at once with tanks and helicopters and explosions going off in inFamous, it would struggle along at 1 frame a second. Prototype pays for its ability to handle these scenes this with worse quality textures and lower polygon models, but that is the price of the scale of its mayhem.

Perhaps you should get your head out of the ground.

SaberEdge3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

You're being ignorant, DaTruth. Prototype actually looks better than Infamous in many ways. Infamous looks better in some ways too, but overall I would have to say Prototype is the better looking game.

Short draw distances? Huh, now I know you haven't played Prototype. The draw distances in Prototype are easily much longer than in Infamous.

Just listen to what Ghost of Sparta, who is a self-proclaimed "PS3 fanboy", had to say about the graphics of both games:

"Prototype, on PS3 at least, I can't speak for the version this guy reviewed which was the 360 version, performs flawlessly with nearly zero frame rate dips and AA whereas Infamous had it's fair share of slowdown and constant jaggies. 5.5 for graphics? Please kill yourself. The character models AND environments in Prototype all look better than those in Infamous. This is one of those rare cases where a multiplatform game looks better than a PS3 exclusive.

2. Polish. I must have died about 10+ times in Infamous due to glitches and bugs and freezing. It's obvious that Sucker Punch got tired of working on the game and decided to release it earlier than originally scheduled without making sure that the game was truly ready to go. Prototype's delay was a good thing as now I see that the game couldn't be anymore polished than it already is. Everything from the in-game menus to the way everything runs is flawless."

PopEmUp3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

have so damn many bubbles, but I could not understand one words he trying to say, and I need to google translation to see what language he is speaking

DaTruth3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

I guess that's why they wouldn't release the game for review early, right? Cause it looks so brilliant that they wanted people to find out for themselves? 90% of reviewers and people on this site have testified to the horrid graphics of prototype. The buildings have been described as "blocks with windows drawn on them".

Are you people not familiar with the fanboy quoting system on this site? Did you notice everything that is not in proper English is in quotes?

Are 360 fanboys so desperate to maintain "teh multiplats" argument that they will pretend this game has good graphics?

Syronicus3354d ago

What game has the best story that will compel you to play the game further? The whole gore and action will get you so far but that gets boring. Is the story any good? That is the question here.

All-33354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

It's not that the 360 is more powerful than the PS3, because it's not. The PS3 has more overall processing power. However, the 360 is easier for most developers to programm for. Development time in general is also shorter vs PS3 development, thanks to PC-like development familiarity and a robust development toolset.

The exclusive AAA titles on the PS3 such as Killzone 2, and Uncharted 2 for examples - showcase what is possible when developers have the time and expertise to exploit the PS3s capabilities, and develop solely for the PS3. Sony has been working along with key developers to provide great toolsets for other select PS3 developers and to pass on development secrets/experience.

In general, multiplatform games have been found in direct comparisons - to either run/look better in 360 versions vs PS3 versions, and regardless of the reasons (see fan--- comments) it does have some affect on some consummers, just as exclusive games have affect in a similar manner. (see fan--- chest beaters)

Also remember that mutliplatform titles have the potential to sell more copies vs exclusives, and that is an important consideration for 3rd party publishers/developers.

Yes - 360/PC games will make more $$$$ money $$$$ than just a 360 only exclusive, so to downplay that fact and sing about PS3 only exclusives is great for fan---- but not as profitable in a business sense as a multiplatform release which is still only available to a single home console.

Sony have far more 1st party development studios vs Microsoft, and obviously Microsoft knew/knows this.

So how does Microsoft get games that can only be played in the home console arena, for the Xbox 360? By having 360/PC games of course. Third party publishers/developers can potentially get the sales they require with relatively easy/fast development times. Certainly in some cases, Microsoft has to shell out $$$$ money $$$$ as well, but that's the cost of business to them... and it is - business after all.

Daoshai3354d ago

Only fanboy I see here is DaTruth

DaTruth3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

It has nothing to do with fanboys! This argument is 150000 articles strong; So when the day comes that it finally ends, why would I not state it.

I guess your just caught up in justifying your purchase, so everyone with an opinion contrary to yours is a fanboy! Looks like it's not just for systems anymore, people now justify bad game purchases! Don't worry, you still have "teh sales"!

@Saber and Vecta: I never claimed to play it, The draw distances statement is from the Edge review(Who really couldn't say a good thing about the game technically). Why would I buy/rent a game without reviews that has terrible videos? Any game could pull off no framerate drops with PS2 level graphics! No matter how many things you put on the screen.

The game may be fun, but that has nothing to do with my original statement!

Thank you All-3 for your very level headed sounding rebuttal. After a 150000 articles about system power and 150000 gamers and fanboys arguing over them, two games are released that go up against each other, same genre, same everything why can't I comment on which one won and what that means to the arguments that have been presented so far?

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ptotoy3355d ago

infamous is still > this game

DMason3355d ago

The game is good. I'd say it's worth a play. It takes a little bit of getting used to the controls, but once you get the hang of them, it's a lot of fun. Of course the graphics aren't that good, there is a LOT of things going on at once and the framerate never drops.

I'd have to say that I like Prototype just as much as I liked inFamous. Both are good games. In a summer that doesn't offer much, I'd say play them both.

Shendow3355d ago

Sold the game in the day I got it -_- with PS3 killing loading -_- this kills my wanting to own this game.

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