Whatever Happened To Gran Turismo HD's DLC Model?

Kotaku writes:

"When we visited Gran Turismo creators Polyphony Digital in 2006, president Kazunori Yamauchi previewed what would become Gran Turismo HD, the first "real driving simulation" for the PlayStation 3 that would offer 770 cars and 50 tracks for download.

At the time, Yamauchi called it "the GT version of iTunes," letting players buy the barebones Gran Turismo HD Classic, the download more than 5,000 pieces of content to expand upon the game. That idea was scrapped in favor of a freely downloadable Gran Turismo HD and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue."

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PirateThom3327d ago

Kotaku, always up to date...

Gran Turismo HD (aka Vision Gran Turismo) was scrapped ages ago. It was left in Concept form on the PS Store, but they dropped it to start what is now becoming Gran Turismo 5.

WildArmed3327d ago

Now watch GT5 pull out 1000+ cars out of their asses lol
i wouldnt be surprised btw

sonarus3327d ago

Anything less than 800 cars will be weak considering GT PSP is pulling 800 cars

All-33326d ago

There's no question that the level of quality and attention to detail in the painstaking recreations of real cars that Gran Turismo is known for must take a lot of work, but Yamauchi was quick to explain just how much work is really necessary. "In GT and GT2, both for PS1, a designer spent a day to model a car. In GT3 and GT4, for PS2, the same worker spent a month modeling the same car due to the increased amount of polygons. In GT5 for PS3, they require six months to do the same job," Yamauchi explained

1000 cars = up to 6000 months.

12 months in each year.

That would make it how many years?

Microsoft Xbox 3603326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Is that really how you 360 fanboys think? Do you really believe that there is only one car modeler in Polyphony Digital?

I highly suggest editing your comment now before looking really stupid because that is one insanely retarded statement.

UltimateIdiot9113326d ago

500 Years, if that's the case, PD probably has about 100 or even mroe teams working on a different care each.

PD take your time, whatever they need to come close to perfect. My money is ready.

Syronicus3326d ago

You might think to say that but with the work it takes to model a car in the PSP version compared tot he PS3 version, it would not surprise me to see they only have the same amount of cars. Am I correct in saying that the PSP and PS3 versions will be compatible and that what cars you have in your garage on your PSP will be transferable to the PS3 version? If that be the case then it would not surprise me to see that they have the same number of cars with a few slight different ones.

If GT5 on the PS3 has 800 cars, I will be a happy camper and anything over that will be icing ont he cake, the cake of GT goodness.

All-33326d ago

LOL - you really need to step back son... really!

THINK about what I've typed.... gsus. Do I have to bring Capt. Obvious in here to slap a 'smiley' down for you?

Is the inference of 500 years of development time a serious, and believable comment, even to someone like you?

Better yet to edit your reply because I caught myself a fool, with you.

Hey guys... we have a live one here! Hehe...

shadow27973326d ago

Didn't that ambiguous bird message say something like 600 cars? Don't get your hopes up for 800, but 600 is still a lot.

Wizeguy213326d ago

Why is kotaku complaining... maybe they wanted to shell out more money to Sony and polyphony

SaiyanFury3326d ago

I'm glad Polyphony Digital abandoned the "pay to play" model. That's the single reason I avoid playing MMOs; I refuse to continue to pay more money to play a game I've already paid for. As much as I love Gran Turismo, and believe me I adore it, I wouldn't buy a "PTP" version if I had to pay money for extra cars and tracks. On top of that, I rarely buy DLC. If it's not on the disc, then I don't get it. The one single exception that I made was the Selveria Mission pack for Valkyria Chronicles. Not only was it a buttload of fun, but it benefits SEGA and will hopefully encourage them to make it a series, not just a single release. SEGA seems to be scoring large this gen, at least on the PS3 and I hope they finally get around to bringing Yakuza 3 over here to North America.

Sarcasm3326d ago

"1000 cars = up to 6000 months.

12 months in each year. "

Well aren't we the retarded one. Polyphony Digital is made up of about 250+ employees now.

Let's imagine 100 employees working on that. 6000/100 = 60

60 months = 5 Years.

Just about how long GT5 has been in development.

And that's just some stupid fanboy math, nobody really knows how many employees they have to work on the cars or how many cars they're actually working on.

And I bet some cars will take less time to model than something like a Ferrari Enzo.

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sonarus3327d ago

I can't wait for full release of GT5. I have been playing Prologue again since my PS3 broke a couple of months back and lost all my save data. The game is just fantastic. I can't wait to see the improvements they make.

Things i want them to change
- AI needs to be more like forza as in not so perfect
-Damage needs to be present. No making a car invisible and penaltys are BS. Penalty for contact should be car damage. The online mode runs A LOT smoother than it used to be but cars being invisible is so dumb. That has to go. Also actual online features like custom matches and party system and friend invites would be great
-More cars more tracks better graphics and MORE MORE MORE

LeShin3326d ago

"No making a car invisible"

lol! you gotta be kidding me! You obviously haven't played GT5P online lol

Okay, say Polyphony takes away making cars invisible on contact, picture this scene:

You're on your last lap after a gruelling 10 lap race. You can see the finish line and you smile to yourself because that 1st place prize money is practically yours. Then all of a sudden some f'n idiot who was just behind you smashes into the back of your car which damages you and screws up YOUR steering, slamming you headlong into the guard rails, which the damages your front end, and your engine.

Race over.

There are a TON of people online who think that GT5p is bloody bumper cars, which is why Polyphony had to add this feature in to stop people taking the piss. In real life racing, the reason why it works is that there is some degree of sportsmanship (and permanent risk to the expensive rides) so people tend not to smash every opponent into oblivion. Not so in the virtual world.

I reckon people think that when Polyphony Digital puts in damage, it's gonna be like Burnout where you can just keep racing after a collision lol. If they implement it like in GTR, you probably wouldn't want to see any nice damage graphics at all...... because it would probably mean the end of your race!

To be frank, the best GT5 players out there will probably rarely see the damage model of their cars.

callahan093326d ago

Maybe in GT5 they could have an arcade mode and a simulation mode like Gran Turismo 2 had back in the day, and deal with car damage in each mode differently. In arcade mode, the damage is something that's gone once you finish a race, but in simulation mode, the damage is persistent, meaning when you finish a race, the condition of your car carries over and if you want to race that car again, you'll have to tune it up and repair it like you would in real life. The condition of the car never "re-sets." This could carry over into online modes to discourage destructive driving because it wouldn't pay off to have to use your prize winnings to pay for those repairs and having no access to your car while it's being repaired (could be a simulated repair wait as well with an in-game calendar system and having no access to cars in the shop while they're there). This would give good reason to have to pass those driving exams again so that you know what you're doing and probably don't wipe-out and destroy your car every race.

It could possibly be a too-realistic approach to racing simulation, though, because in the past you just had a "retry" button for each race. That would obviously have to disappear, and instead be replaced by a schedule of races that occurred each day on the game's calendar. Each race would then be like a one-shot only situation, sort of like the career mode in a sports game.

Not sure if that kind of realistic racing career simulator is what anybody would be looking for, because it would surely be an unforgiving game, but I think it could be a really cool additional mode as a new aspect in Gran Turismo 5 in addition to the traditional modes that have shipped with the GT games of the past.

I definitely like the idea of there being some kind of serious discouragement to destructive driving in online play. Whether it amounts to persistent car-damage or some kind of penalty system for what the game determines as purposefully aggressive & reckless driving, I don't know. The Burnout games in the past have amounted you extra points for reckless and aggressive and dangerous driving, for wreaking havoc and causing expensive accidents, etc., so GT could employ sort of the opposite, where doing those things penalizes you in online gameplay to discourage unsportsmanlike driving.

PotNoodle3326d ago

Exactly LeShin, they would of added a full damage model years ago if gran turismo was about that. But it isn't, its about the driving and driving only.

Not saying i don't want the damage model because it would be great in the WRC modes, but people need to understand what type of driving game Gran turismo actually is.

PirateThom3326d ago

I was thinking of a similar thing with damage carrying over, at least in Gran Turismo mode, because, as it stands, damage in racing games isn't really realistic because the damage resets once you hit restart or the race ends, there's still no real penalty there beyond having to re-race. It would really make the game more challenging if you had to pay up when you crashed.

rockleex3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Umm... real racers follow near perfect driving lines.

In fact if you watch real races, you'll often see a long line of cars following the exact same lines. Just like what you see in GT5 Prologue's AI.

Once again, this is the difference between Forza and GT.

Forza offers features like custom painting your car, AI that aren't so menacing, physics that make it super easy to turn around corners at high speeds, barely any difference in handling between FR, FF, MR, and 4WD cars because the physics are too friendly, etc.

Forza's goal is to make a racing game that feels easy and great to play.

While GT's goal is to make a driving simulator. If the physics or AI are too hard for a gamer to handle because of the level of simulation, then too bad.

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VMAN_013326d ago

I think if you notice in the new trailer you can see a car spinning out maybe its an example of the not so perfect AI hopefully :D

Zhuk3326d ago

Without a gameplay showing of GT5 for PS3 at this years E3 Sony's conference, Gran Turismo is doomed to failure. All the fandroids were expecting the release date of this title and at least some gameplay but it isn't going to happen now because of the delays that the PS3's unwieldy and inefficient architecture are causing Polyphony Digital.

Yamauchi isn't to blame for this, it's Sony's foolish design decisions for the PS3 which have virtually made the title vaporware and this generations Duke Nukem Forever.

While the fandroids are still waiting beyond for their outdated physics and gameplay which is synonymous with the Gran Turismo franchise, I will be enjoying the next iteration of the award winning Forza franchise, superior in every way to Sony's mediocre racing 'simulator'.

Xbox 360 enthusiasts worldwide are looking forward with great anticipation to October, where Xbox 360 and Forza 3 retain the crown as the King of Console Racing Simulation for the rest of eternity.

With Mclaren on board with Forza 3, I know which horse I will be betting on

Tristanh823326d ago

Dear What a wanker(d$%khead). Please shut the f$%k up. keep your overflowing period pad bot mouth shut dont compare a sim racing car game to an arcade racing car game(Forza). And keep your stupid opinions of how the juggernaut that is Gran turismo will some how fail. thankyou

Mo0eY3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

The Sony Playstation 3 offers groundbreaking, breathtaking technologies far surpassing the inferiority of the Xbox 360's incapable hardware. Games such as Killzone 2, Uncharted 1 and 2, LittleBigPlanet, and the up-and-coming Gran Turismo 5 only offer what true hardcore gamers deserve: the ultimate, in-depth, captivating, award-winning, and immersive games.

While titles such as Turn 10's Forza and Forza 2 having sold copies, it is only thanks to the one true racing simulator Gran Turismo that gave Turn 10 the path to follow. Without such a deep and real-life experience, both Forza 1 and 2 would be a shallow, arcade simulator nothing more than your Burnouts and Need for Speeds. Arrogant, ignorant people such as Dan Greenwalt should greatly respect the legendary studio Polyphony Digital because without them to lay down the pavement of the future, they'd surely be driving down Uncle Jo Bob's long, winding dirt road to the mudswamp.

With Gran Turismo's highly anticipated game now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, gamers will soon be welcomed to another innovative and fresh title. Adding damage, c0ckpit mode, both the NASCAR and WRC racing series, as well as a slew of other to the franchise will whet the truest gamer's appetitite.

Xbox 360 enthusiasts will surely flock to the Playstation 3 abandoning their limited platform and choosing the only hardware that should be on every gamer's television stands: the spectatucarly sleek Playstation 3. Once they have treated themselves with the greatest titles, there will be no need to head back to games such as the milked-dry Halo series or the overhyped, glitchfest Gears of Wars 1 and 2.

Do not miss out on the best racing of this generation, Gran Turismo 5.

STONEY43326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

I'm gonna take a shot at this.

"With a gameplay showing of Forza 3 for Xbox 360 at this years E3 Microsoft conference, Forza 3 is deemed to success. Nobody was expecting the release date of this title and or any gameplay, but Turn 10 has delivered because of there were no delays the Xbox 360's wieldy and efficient architecture are causing Turn 10.

Turn 10 isn't to thank for this, it's Microsoft's thoughthful design decisions for the Xbox 360 which have virtually made the title a masterpiece and this generations Haze.

While the fans are to jumping in for their unsurpasseed physics and gameplay which is synonymous with the Forza Motorsport franchise, The PS3 fans will still be wating the next iteration of the award winning Gran Turismo franchise, inferior in every way to Microsoft's amazing racing simulator.

Playstation 3 enthusiasts worldwide are dreading 2010, where PS3 and Gran Turismo retain the crown as the Slave of the Console Racing Simulation Known as Forza 3 for the rest of eternity.

With Mclaren not on board with Gran Turismo, I know which donkey I won't be betting on."

And no, I did not mean any of what I said, so don't take it seriously.

ps3gogetitt3326d ago

A complete game is better than half a game and half dlc. I know they will have dlc but more content on the disc is better

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