Five Good Breakup Games

Breaking up is hard to do, but video games can help. Here are five 2009 titles that'll get you through the five stages of grief.

The Kübler-Ross model of grief proposed in the 1969 book Death and Dying is actually a theory about dealing with death and terminal disease, both of which are way worse than just calling it quits with your special someone.

But breakups – even the mature, amicable kind where you know even before you split that you're going to be better off – still suck and sometimes you've got to let yourself go through the five stages in no particular order just to adjust.

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Covenant3209d ago

After She Who Must Not Be Named broke up with me (and tried to set fire to my car, LOL), I threw myself into Super Metroid (bought an old, used SNES from a guy in my dorm).

Great way to rid myself of a soulless, life-sucking leech...killing soulless, life-sucking leeches.

(Made the same comment on Kotaku...still relevant...) :)