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TPG writes: "This is hands down, the best shooter on the iPhone to date, rivaling even the likes of Geometry Wars itself. A cocktail of space shooters and the world of computer hacking, is definitely like nothing you've seen before. Flashing lights, streaming colors and intense music keep your heart racing while you're trying to infiltrate the system. It's simply amazing how everything comes together to completely immerse you in this hacking world."

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wondroushippo3267d ago

Games with strong audio/visual components have always been a favorite of mine. And I love the whole "Asteroids meets Rez" mechanic this game brings.

CrAppleton3267d ago

AMAZING production values in this game

Neco5123267d ago

asteroids + geometry wars + tron = f*** yeah! I like it haha

CrAppleton3267d ago

Best portable game I've played this year

Neco5123267d ago

interesting look. controls sound confusing

DaRockSays3267d ago

i like the sounds, djs and all looks good

roblef3267d ago

i wonder if it's like that cool game on the iPhone -- Radius, I think?

MaCkTeHkNiFe3267d ago

Man, with games that look this good coming out, i'm really tempted to get myself an iTouch...