Gaming Vice: Are Hardcore Gamers Lazy?

Don @ writes:

"After hearing and talking about what constitutes in one being a hardcore gamer and which games or consoles are forgetting about them, namely Nintendo, I then begin to ask "what is a hardcore gamer?"."

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RememberThe3573357d ago

I'm not sure if I'd consider myself a hardcore gamer though. I play games all the time, but I never really try to master a game. To me there are too many games out there that need me to play them. I don't have the time to perfect this one or that one.

Back to the topic. I think it depends on the person. It could be that the people attracted to becoming hardcore gamers are generally lazy people. Then again, there is no doubt in my mind that there are plenty of hardcore gamers out there who still find time to do what they need to do, and play games. I find myself in the latter category, but laziness still creeps up on me from time to time.

Myst3357d ago

I agree to what Rememberthe357 has stated, it pretty much depends on the person, but it also may depend on the time of the year also. For me I'm really lazy during the summer and Spring months for some reason, but during the Fall and Winter months I'm pretty much trying to do everything at once. Then again I don't know if I could count myself as a Hardcore gamer, I play everything and only a select few games I will try to go all the way on. Such as my 80 hour count run on Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 in the attempt to get the Platinum.

Maybe it's just warm weather that makes me sleepy versus the cold and snow that pumps me up to do something.

You Already Know3357d ago

I consider myself a casual hardcore because I like playing games, I just rarely take the time to beat I have over 20 games, but I can go a good two weeks without playing any of them..

once in awhile I take the time to really put it to a game and beat it....

Tony P3357d ago

No, it's a generalization. Gotta stop assuming gamers don't have or other hobbies. Gamers aren't one-dimensional people.

"You might ask 'Who is The Don to judge?' It’s not me who should do the judging, but rather you judging yourself and realize that you’re spending your time accomplishing nothing in the real world."

Your horse is much too high. It's entertainment. We don't have to 'accomplish' anything when we watch movies, concerts, plays, or read books. It's purely to entertain.

You Already Know3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

when someone beats Final fantasy VII within 7 days....I would consider that lazy...

I know hardcore gamers who have lives and work....but it's the "upper class" of hardcore who plug in 50 hours a week into gaming...

edit: and 50 hours a week spent on entertainment is simply too much unless you don't have any responsibilities...

Tony P3357d ago

And I'm assuming you're Don, DChesney?

And also you're missing my point entirely. This definition you've cobbled together of what it means to be hardcore (50+ hours a week), plainly, is not accurate.

You're using a symptom as a definition. Hardcore gamers might generally play more, but it is the level of interest in gaming that makes you 'hardcore'. It's the difference between a dilettante and an enthusiast. One dabbles while the other has more than a passing interest. That is what casual and hardcore are meant to denote. That's why core games are longer than casual games, because we have that interest in playing them more than ten minutes even if we don't beat them in a week or ever.

I don't play 50 hours a week but I can tell you which games use what engines, the names of 10 great devs, and the small list of games to ever get a top rating from Famitsu.

Does that sound like a guy casually interested in gaming?

You Already Know3356d ago

nope Tony, you're a hardcore gamer...but you're not lazy...

you're taking certain things from my article and flipping them because the article ruffled your feathers...

for one...I asked a question and then provided certain things in my article...and the part that you quoted earlier doesn't pertain to you because you don't game with your entire spare time when not going to school/working....

I write articles on games and play them in spurts which I consider myself to be a casual-hardcore gamer...because I like the topic enough to write about it and I've been a gamer for 20 years now...

my interest is at a hardcore level...but the time I spend gaming is strictly casual...

you sound like you fit under the area of casual-hardcore because you have interest in the topic, you just don't spend all your spare time gaming..

the article doesn't pertain to's the people that won't get up off their ass and do anything else but game-game-game...

Tony P3356d ago

Monkeys don't have feathers to ruffle.

All I'm saying is you're writing an article with a misleading conclusion. I'm not keen on restating what I just wrote because it's exactly what needs to be said. I hope your next article is a bit more logical.

You Already Know3356d ago

the fact that you think you're a monkey says it all...

the logic in your response is lacking because you come off offended for whatever reason and have put forth too much effort into poking holes in the article and angling parts of what I said to try and make it backfire...

which might work since most of the N4G readers only base articles on the headline and they even get that wrong half the time...

you can hate the article, it's encouraged as long as you read it...but don't try to create a new interpretation that helps your hole poking...

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