Square Enix Dishes Out New FFXIII Details

Square Enix has shed some more light on its highly anticipated PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 RPG Final Fantasy XIII. Compared to Final Fantasy XII, the development process of the new game has been accompanied by less limitations and trouble. Compared to the demo released in March, the final product will have a more realistic feel to it and the transition from CG sequences to real-time scenes will be smoother. AI will be improved and party members will be capable of delivering a varied portfolio of combination attacks.

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WildArmed3327d ago

totally lost interest in the FF series..
so much fuking TEASING
pisses me off
just bring it out u effers :D

WildArmed3327d ago

lol game was announced when i was a teenager.. seems like i'll be in the 20s when it comes out

WikusVanDeMerwe3327d ago

I agree with the teasing stuff. If they are going to put out news I want something pretty hefty and not that I can ride another summon around. LOL. I'm over the multiplat fiasco and just really want this game to come out because more than likely it will be a very good game regardless of platform.

As for the age remark I believe I was 18ish when I first heard about this game and I am turning 22 very very soon. /sadface

WildArmed3327d ago

everytime i see a FF XIII article.. i get pissed..
it'll be just a screenshot or somthing stupid..
omg.. why cant they release that PS3 demo on the psn..
i wanna try it!!
*shoots himself*
guess i wont be in my 20s now will i? lol

WikusVanDeMerwe3327d ago

I know exactly how you feel. It's wrong and SE should feel bad for doing this to us! haha.

Bonsai12143327d ago

yeah, that's the case for me too. turning 21 in dec this year..

The Great Melon3327d ago


In the same boat as you two. Been waiting for FFvXIII for years now and it still will probably be a year or two after FFXIII.

Rock Bottom3327d ago

You can't give up on FF yet, any FF/KH fan know that all important SE games get delayed multiple times, and looking at how much we waited for FFXII, FFXIII can still tease us more.

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RememberThe3573327d ago

FF13, FFv13, FF14, FF:Agito. I'm interested in all of them. It's taking way too long.

blitz06233327d ago

Square is known for delaying games. Just hope that all those games are quality ones that are worth the wait.

WikusVanDeMerwe3327d ago

I just hope Vs XIII and XIV don't suffer delays like XIII has. We've heard so little about vs XIII anyways so there's always hope it's going quietly and smooth.

As for XIV it's so new to the mix I am still kind of shocked from its left field appearance out of no where but very much looking forward to it even though I shouldn't. lol :)

mastiffchild3327d ago

I admire your optimism over Vs Yaun, I really do. It's totally misplaced considering that Nomura's been working on everything else but that game for the past two years with SE dragging what little talent thay have left from pillar to post in an attempt to get DS games made! And, obviously FF13 itself.

Personally I haven't heard one thing about Vs since they said only a third of the bloody art was finished last year so I wouldn't expect a western version of the game before sometime in 2013 at this rate-and I'm really not joking. As far as I know they also downed tools on Agito to work on other stuff that was late as well.

Finally FF14 SEEMS to be more on time than the other games but what do we really know? They will prolly decide to go wuth a 360 version as well which means double the work which goes from just localisation to that plus a whole port.

We're used to delays from SE but was the wait worth it for FF12? Not really and they were working on a platform with which they were very familiar rather than two which they have never used this engine for(and one in the PS3 that they've yet to release anything for at all-oh the irony of the two years plus of those "only on PS3" trailers!). Honestly, the chance of FF13 being a dog go up every time U think about it!

DrWan3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

is in house RPG developer. WKC is coming, but it's co-developed. They need to be more self sufficient in this area. This is their only weak area. They have good FPS, Racing, Platformer, Action Adventure, MMORPGs, they have all the genre covered except for JRPGs.

RememberThe3573327d ago

They'd have all bases covered with a strong RPG development team, JRPG or otherwise.

thesummerofgeorge3327d ago

With the amazing games Sonys developers are coming out with, I'd love to see more RPGs. Square needs some serious competition for the Final Fantasy series, they seem to have become complacent, and a bit arrogant, and another developer needs to come along and blow em outta the water, light a fire under Squares ass. Then maybe they'd come out with their games faster, and stop treating their western audience like second class citizens. And if they still didn't smarten up worst case scenario, we have another great RPG series to play.... Which we could always use more of.

patterson3327d ago

It's one area Sony needs to step it up. Like whatever happened to the Wild Arms franchise. That's a Sony first party that hasn't made an appearance yet.

I miss Wild Arms

Obama3327d ago

I hope the ps3 version will have dual audio.

Critical_Hit3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Yes, I hope so too. The English voice work I've heard so far is good, but it's still not Maaya Sakamoto good. Well that and it's always good to have a choice.

Thoreau3327d ago

everyone will be satisfied.

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