1UP: Rock Band Unplugged Review

Unplugged's gameplay and high-fidelity music fits the PSP almost perfectly, but for all the big features that are mysteriously missing, the developers didn't pay enough attention to the small details, either. For example, if you have to pause the game in the middle of a song, you're not given a chance to ease back into play whenever you pick it up again. No countdown, no moment to catch your bearings; you're tossed right back into the middle of whatever phrase you were on when you left.

As a single-player rhythm game, Unplugged delivers a fun rock experience with the same attention to note tracking and sound quality that you'd expect from Harmonix. They're a company that usually holds back a game to make sure it's the best on the market, but even under their supervision, Unplugged feels like it was released a little preemptively.

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