The Last Guardian creature inspired by real life eagle?

In Japan the Last Guardian is called Hitokui no Oowashi Trico. Translated that means Trico: The Giant Maneating Eagle. "Oowashi" is also the name of the heaviest eagle in the world.

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RememberThe3573393d ago

No sh*t...

Looks like an eagle and a dog mixed together.

WildArmed3393d ago

lol seriously.
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Myst3393d ago

To me at first I thought it was more or less like a llama...

WildArmed3393d ago


thats just waay 2 effing funny.

Erotic Sheep3393d ago

Omg who even gives a damn?

housegroove763393d ago

whatever the hell it is, it looks amazing with each feather rendered. Not some massive texture with some kind of shader thrown on it.

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