GameZone: Prototype PS3 Review

Mike David at GameZone reviews Prototype:

Its a virtual toss up between this and inFamous, both are great games, but this one has a decidedly more adult feel to it. Did I mention the copious amounts of blood?

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Spike473175d ago

My favorite sandbox game this gen is GTA4( I know it was overrated but still good), followed by Red Faction, and then Infamous.

I haven't played Prototype but I plan on renting it.

WildArmed3175d ago

i found Red faction more fun than GTA IV (i know, its just my opinion^^)

I'm surprised.. 9.6 4 graphics
I guess we aint playing the same game here

Cajun Chicken3175d ago

Saints Row 2 is also awesome, check that out too, if you haven't.

Alvadr3175d ago

Far Cry 2 is a good one also :)

SaberEdge3175d ago

Prototype's graphics look great for an open world game of its size. It looks as good as inFamous and runs better to boot. It also has better anti-aliasing and less pop-in. Not to mention that in many parts the destruction and the amount of stuff going on on screen is simply amazing and dwarfs anything seen in Infamous, yet it keeps a more steady framerate.

Even Ghost of Sparta, who as we all know is a strong supporter of the PS3, said in another thread that Prototype is the better game. This is what he said:
"I was one of the people who constantly bashed Prototype for being a mutliplatform sandbox-style video game in my anticipation for Infamous but I've gotta say, this review is so full of sh*t I don't even know where to begin. Before I start, I'd like to make clear that I am among the biggest PS3 fanboys on N4G and I own Infamous, even got the platinum trophy.

1. Prototype, on PS3 at least, I can't speak for the version this guy reviewed which was the 360 version, performs flawlessly with nearly zero frame rate dips and AA whereas Infamous had it's fair share of slowdown and constant jaggies. 5.5 for graphics? Please kill yourself. The character models AND environments in Prototype all look better than those in Infamous. This is one of those rare cases where a multiplatform game looks better than a PS3 exclusive.

2. Polish. I must have died about 10+ times in Infamous due to glitches and bugs and freezing. It's obvious that Sucker Punch got tired of working on the game and decided to release it earlier than originally scheduled without making sure that the game was truly ready to go. Prototype's delay was a good thing as now I see that the game couldn't be anymore polished than it already is. Everything from the in-game menus to the way everything runs is flawless.

3. The only way you could possibly finish Prototype in 20 or less hours would be to rush through the game and skip the hidden goodies, which you get trophies for by collecting them all. There is so much to do in Prototype and the mission structure isn't as repetitive as Infamous.

4. Cole can climb buildings? Alex Mercer can run up and down buildings. Cole can blow up cars? Alex Mercer can blow them up OR toss them at people / tanks / choppers with his bare hands. In a showdown, Alex Mercer would DESTROY Cole McGrath.

If you and I share similar tastes in gaming, ignore this dumb f*cking review and pick up Prototype. Cannot believe the ridiculousness of this utterly misleading garbage."

Darkeyes3175d ago

lol.. I love it when Saberedge tries to downplay anything related to the PS3.. Now he is even comparing the multi-plats to prove that 360 is better LMAO. Dude stop living in 2007.

And ya Infamous>Prototype. Prototype is getting rave reviews. Infamous got only a handful of low scores and that too from sites like Edge & Eurogamers which are completely 360 biased. Prototype just got a 7.5 from IGN and is getting more and more reviews in that 7-8 marks. Even I don't give sh*t about review numbers, but it's your hypocrisy that intrigues me. When Infamous gets a bad review you are the first one to brag about it and now you hate it when Protoype sucks... Blody Hypocrite.

zoneofenders3175d ago

adult feel?
i love gore, but when was gore equals to adult feel?

Dark knight has no gore whatsoever. It certainly feels more "adult" than some teenage B movies...........

SaberEdge3175d ago

@ Darkeyes

When have I ever bragged about inFamous getting a bad review? Quit lying about me, you bloody fanatic. I have inFamous and I like it, why would I brag about it getting a low score? I have said lots of good things about the game.

The only reason I am saying Prototype looks better than Infamous is because it does and I am sick of PS3 fanboys distorting the truth and basically misleading people that don't know better.

Even Ghost of Sparta, who we all know is one of the biggest PS3 fans on this site, said that Prototype looks better. "Prototype, on PS3 at least, I can't speak for the version this guy reviewed which was the 360 version, performs flawlessly with nearly zero frame rate dips and AA whereas Infamous had it's fair share of slowdown and constant jaggies. 5.5 for graphics? Please kill yourself. The character models AND environments in Prototype all look better than those in Infamous." Why don't you go argue with him.

Oh, and Prototype is around the same score as Infamous on Metacritic so far, so quit pretending that everybody agrees with you that Prototype is sooo much better.

Anyway, you obviously don't have a clue what I think. Infamous and Prototype are both great games and I am happy to have them in my collection.

(Oh btw, send me your PSN ID so we can game together sometime. Ha, I'm sure that is going to happen.)

SevWolf3175d ago

@ saberedge...Ihave nothing against your opinion, but every single time there's a prototype review, your comment has "even Ghost of Sparta, selfproclaimed fanboy said......" I mean come on, ok Ghost of Sparta is a fanboy, but he also has his opinion I mean look at me, I favor sony over microsoft(but I dont hate microsoft), yet I thought Bioshock, a 360 timed exclusive, was better than both resistances(eventhough resistance is great) I also really like mass effect...see nthn to it, but I think inFAMOUS is better but...its just an opinion

Syronicus3175d ago

Wow, N4G has seen some weird things but this might just take the cookie... Maybe.

As for the game, I hear that there is tons of blood, no decent textures on the buildings and a story about as shallow as a puddle. Is this true? If so then it is a rental at best.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3175d ago

"Even Ghost of Sparta, who we all know is one of the biggest PS3 fans on this site, said that Prototype looks better."

LOL, so now that makes it better? Wow, talk about logic fail right there.

Prototype looks bland, the environments are horrible, the vehicles and civilians look last-gen. The only thing that looks great about this one are the special effects related with blood and super powers, but other than that it looks last-gen. If you wanna praise the game, praise its gameplay, but even then it's a repetitive destruction fest. Plenty of sites are giving this game a free pass. IGN is usually pretty neutral, I think they also went high but oh well, that's probably the most credible score.

I know you have to save your ass from the FUD you've been spewing on other threads but I don't give a sh1t. You can have an opinion but you've been caught with crap before so your credibility is null.

Bordel_19003175d ago


Go get your focking eyes checked.

Darrius Cole3174d ago

What SaberEdge said about Prototype looking and running better than InFamous is a pure,unadulterated lie. Prototype doesn't look remotely close to as good as Infamous.

It is clear to see at your first glance that Infamous looks better, a lot better. It is not something that can be mistaken or something that two people can disagree on.

PotNoodle3174d ago

Disagree Saber, prototype is terrible.

gaffyh3174d ago

I've played both of them now, Prototype is very fun, but no way in the same league as inFAMOUS. Graphically inFAMOUS blows it out of the water, gameplay-wise inFAMOUS is more realistic, in Prototype, Alex has some crazy stupid powers (they're fun but they do get boring after a while, same as Red Faction Guerilla to be honest).

I still prefer inFAMOUS, probably one of the most fun and addictive games I've played in a long time on either console. IGN's review score was probably right, though I'd have given it maybe slightly more e.g. ~8.

DaTruth3174d ago

Another thing; Infamous has 5 second open-world loading with the best open-world graphics and technology. It blows me away every time!

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khrisnifer3175d ago

Loving every second of it - so much power!

SnukaTheMan3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

After playing the game Im finding out its more on the line of the hulk...a powerful character that can go anywhere. I also have red faction and that game is a great multiplayer game with a great single player component.

boodybandit3175d ago

Until then I will just repost what I did yesterday about your trolling only Prototype vs Infamous news since you joined this site serveral months ago.

Khris obviously has an agenda with protype and a vendetta towards Infamous. I sure hope you are getting paid well for this Khris. If not one can only wonder why you put so much energy into trolling and spamming all Infamous and Prototype news.

Posted 80 DAYS ago:

Infamous looks incredibly dull and repetitive
Ok - if you really really study the videos - even the hardest of die-hard sony defense force fanboys have to admit
a) Infamous' graphics are showing a maximum of 8 guys on screen at once. Prototype has like 50 things at once minimum, all the time
b) Infamous has one power - electricity - it looks super repetitive. I can't even describe how many powers I've seen in the Prototype videos but it's wayy more varied. Infamous gets boring fast.
c) Prototype at comic con absolutely slayed people - the gfx are amazing - the videos simply don't do it justice
d) Infamous just looks really repetitive - it's just something about their videos that screams 'over-hyped'.

inbfour3175d ago

I'm about 80% through the game and I get to a loading screen. It loaded for a good 5 minutes and I can't seem to get it out of that. I restarted the game a couple times and it still does that. Anybody know whats going on?

joel_c173175d ago

you know that this is a terrible review when they give the game a 9.6 for graphics. did they actually play the game? because in my opinion the graphics look pretty bad.

Reviews like these really grate my cheese.

SaberEdge3175d ago

Bad compared to what? I hope your not comparing it to inFamous, because it has better graphics than inFamous. Please tell me of another game that has this game's size and scale that looks any better. Don't judge it against small linear adventure or shooter games, because that's comparing apples to oranges. The size of the world and the amount of stuff that often occurs on screen in Prototype is basically unparalleled, or at least among the very best.

aldesko3175d ago

I think most sane people will agree that infamous has better graphics than prototype. You seem to love quoting Ghost of Sparta about the graphics, but why him? Why not say.. IGN? You know, the people who review games for a living.

"Graphics: 5.5 - If it weren't for some nice animations, this game wouldn't have anything going for it visually."

You bring up infamous in every prototype story even when nobody else is talking about it. Give it a rest, man... stop bringing up ghost of sparta. I've seen you do it at least 3 times in the last day or so. Yes, prototype has gotten a lot of unwarranted flack, but why does it get to you? You seem to enjoy the game... great. Nobody's telling you not to, yet you go around telling other people what they're supposed to enjoy.

SaberEdge3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Why quote Ghost of Sparta and not IGN? Well, for two reasons. One, I agree with him and disagree with IGN. Two, he is a hardcore PS3 fan and even he can see that the graphics in Prototype are better. I think a person like him is more likely to be closer to the truth than any of the rest of us.

Now let me ask you something...why are you taking IGN's opinion of the graphics as the truth? Other reviewers, including GameZone and Cheat Code Central, have scored the graphics in the 9s. Why are you trying to discount their opinions or mine?

You think inFamous looks better, fine. I don't understand how you do, but you're entitled to your opinion. But let's be honest here, 90% of the PS3 fans are going to say Infamous looks better whether they honestly think it does or not.

(Edit: I haven't even posted in every Infamous story so I think you are exaggerating there. Furthermore, you are wrong about me bringing it up when nobody else mentioned it. In this thread of comments skv007 brought up the graphics and was questioning the reviewer's judgment for giving the graphics a 9.6, and that is what I was responding to. Besides, PS3 fans bring it up in every thread and repeat the same nonsense. Also, what are on about me "telling other people what they're supposed to enjoy"? I am doing no such thing. I am simply sharing my opinion on how the two games compare graphically. I have reiterated over and over that they are both great games. How did you miss that?)

Nergardless3175d ago

9.6 for gfx is a joke and saber please stfu go play prototyp and be happy and never again come back pulling the seize of the game in a discussion about graphics this comment made u look very desperate

romemac73175d ago

@Nergardless why dose SaberEdge need to STFU? saberedge right. inFamous is a great no doubt about it, but the Graphics are not that great for a ps3 game. prototype has better graphics and all around better gameplay to. i don't see the need to hype up every ps3 only game to point that no other game can be better. there fanboy and fan of system and from what i been seeing so far you guy are acting as bad as the 360 fanboy 2 years ago.


nycredude3174d ago

Looks like you are the the one hyping anything up here. No one here is even talking about infamous your butt buddy sabre is the one who brought it up. You guys act like you are the only ones here who have access to the games, which i think is self centered and an insult to other N4g goers. Fact is we all have access and lots of us have played the game and it is decided an ok game with not so ok graphics. 9.6 for graphics? Better than Killzone, GTA4, Metal Gear Solid 4? GTFO.

like I said no one here is hyping Infamous becuase it doesn't need it. The hype is all about Prototype, which is pretty much a next gen Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

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MajesticBeast3175d ago

sabertroll shoot yourself pls for stating this looks better then infamous put the goggles of and use your eyes.

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