Rumor: Neverwinter Nights MMO to hit in 2011

Destructoid writes: "Another 'Dungeons and Dragons' MMO may be coming soon.

According to Variety sources, Cryptic Studios is developing a 'Neverwinter Nights' MMO that Atari will publish in 2011. The anonymous bunch whispering these sweet secrets have pegged this MMO as Atari's motivation for acquiring Cryptic Studios in 2008 for twenty-eight million dollars.

Cryptic Studios is developing two other MMOs: 'Champions Online' and 'Star Trek Online'. 'Champions Online' will be available for the PC and the Xbox 360 September 1, 2009. 'Star Trek' will probably remain eternally in development. (It's TBA.)

The sources didn't have any other information about the 'Neverwinter Nights' MMO, but we're guessing the unannounced title will have at least one tree and probably an elf or two. Also, dwarves."

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