Quest for Glory developers only approached once for a remake

Destructoid writes: "Sierra (now owned by Activision Blizzard) only approached Lori and Corey Cole, designer and programmer respectively, to remake a 'Quest for Glory' game once since the game was released in March 1989 even though the tandem desires to 'make upgraded versions' of the games. The reason for the lack of remakes, apparently, is due to ancient Sierra's stance that remakes didn't make money.

'Only once -- when Sierra had us remake the original [Hero's Quest],' Corey Cole told me via e-mail when asked if Sierra ever approached him.
'They envisioned it as a faster, cheaper alternative to creating an entire new game. However, it actually cost more to make than the original, and almost as much as a full game.

'Interestingly, although most of Sierra's VGA remakes were unprofitable, QG1 VGA was a notable exception. I believe it actually sold more units than the original game. However, by that point, Sierra management had a picture that remakes did not make money, so ours was one of the last.'

Naturally, the Coles are interested in making more Quest for Glory games. Hit the break for the full interview (questions answered by Corey Cole) and learn about how they envision the upgraded versions, how they wanted to do expansion packs for 'Quest for Glory 5,' what they change if they could 'Quest for Glory' all over again and their thoughts on current adventure games."

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