G4TV: Prototype Review

Alex Mercer doesn't know how good he has it. He has government-provided superpowers, the ability to morph into anything, a hoodie that stays up no matter how fast he runs, and amnesia on top of that. Some people would pay good money not to remember the last eight years. But like any good antihero, Alex is pissed and someone's going to pay.

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Johnny Rotten3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

The funny thing is they gave infamous a 5/5 but it's still not on the metacritic page yet, so I wonder if this one will be?

Not that I really care because the game looks fun, mmmmmm bio mass!

WildArmed3329d ago

lol a noteworthy thing is:
Prototype plays almost NOTHING like infamous.
So stop comparing, try try both of em out!

fanboys are gonna shoot him 4 that xD but i guess some1 had the guts to say it

Max Power3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I don't think G4TV reviews will be up on Metacritic anymore something like G4 not pleased with Metacritics upgrading the scores to the 100 point scale. Just something I heard.

LJWooly3329d ago

Seeing as we're mentioning Infamous, this game looks like a big mess compared to that game... I dunno if I'll be buying it. It just doesn't seem too much fun when one's fighting. If there's a demo or something soon, I'll be waiting until I play it myself to see if it'll be worth checking out. So yeah, we'll see.

Lifendz3329d ago

funny how the reviews were withheld until the game was out. usually that happens when the game absolutely stinks.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3329d ago

The graphics are ugly with the exceptions of a few great looking special effects. I mean this game is *technically* ugly, and *Artistically* ugly.

Anyway, it still looks fun even if repetitive. A 7 out of 10 is the best I could give it, but a 6 seems more fitting.

Montrealien3329d ago

ummm, no. so wrong, you clearly lack an eye for what looks good or not in videogames.

SaberEdge3329d ago

ZuperamazingCookie, how is it ugly? The textures are just as nice as in inFamous, the character models look great, and the effects look nice, not to mention that it runs smoother than inFamous and has noticeably better anti-aliasing.

I mean neither game looks great to me, but as far as open world games go I think Prototype looks better than inFamous. I really hate aliasing and pop-in and that really hurt the look of inFamous. Not to mention that even beyond those technical issues it really isn't that great looking. The textures are mostly flat and color palette is kind of bland.

Anyway, Prototype is getting generally good reviews and I guess that threatens the PS3 fanboys so they feel the need to tear down Prototype. But please stop. Just accept the fact that they are both good games and some people are going to prefer one over the other.

s8anicslayer3329d ago

Anyone who has not played the game yet should do themselves a favor an go play it, it's very entertaining and ambitious enough to keep you playing it to the very end

MegaMohsi3328d ago

Most reviewers have stated inFAMOUS is the more technically polished game and is graphically superior, inFAMOUS is a better game in terms of overall package but the gameplay in Prototype is very engaging and addictive as well.

Marceles3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

"The military doesn't find a soldier jumping 40ft all that unusual I guess...."


I'm still gonna give this game a shot, it looked fun after watching the video review.

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cranium3329d ago

Does anyone else find this guy's voice really annoying?

Johnny Rotten3329d ago

The guy's a total nerd and it looks like his mom dresses him,

btw does he wear shoulder pads?

Marceles3328d ago

I'm kind of used to his voice by now, I used to watch X-Play before Morgan Webb and TechTV joined it (they should go back IMO).

Raider693329d ago

he got right on the spot!fanboys must stop comparing the two games,because the two have all that matters,BEING FUN AND ENJOYABLE!!

GiantEnemyCrab3329d ago

Never gonna happen. Just look at the hottest story on N4G. It isn't the highest score it's the lowest score that get's the attention.

People feel they need to defend iNFAMOUS and anyone to disagree is a wrong and anyone who says like they like inFAMOUS is a PS3 fanboy.

Gamers are a dying breed.

/pours out a 40oz to their memory.

leyego3329d ago

what happend to the days of yore where u played a game just because its fun to play regardless of graphics, crappy storeline, and crappy controlls?

this is starting to conform to the my penis is bigger then your penis game.

Esena3329d ago

Umm...usually games that are fun to play have non-crappy controls and non-crappy stories...thats umm....what makes them fun.

I'm not saying prototype is anything crappy, I myself haven't played it. I just didn't really understand your comment.

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