Is E3 Still Gameplay-Focused?

This week Christos looks back on E3 and wonders whether we're getting our kicks out of narrative more often than gameplay in this year's game-revealing media extravaganza.

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mr durand pierre3329d ago

It's apples and oranges, really. I tend to gravitate towards more narrative driven games ala Brutal Legend, but with such innovative gameplay concepts as Scribblenauts, you don't really need a story (though a funny, Katamari-like one would be the one thing to make that game even better).

Raoh3329d ago

it's a fair question.. Natal and sony's motion controls are great visions. but it seems almost more like CES than E3, at least unless it's really ready to show with real games we want.

milo is a good example. while people were blown away, you also dont hear people say they want a current generation version of dreamcasts seaman. same with sony's tech demo, it seemed like a demo you would show at the boardroom than at E3. not to mention sony's determination to deliver long winded figures and projections.

qface643329d ago

from what i saw this year i can say that next year its just gonna be sony/microsoft trying to out do the other